072216LFI together with Binhi Foundation, partner-schools and parents continue to be invigorated by the improvements of the “LFI-Binhi scholars” under the LFI-Binhi English Literacy Project which was started some 5 years ago. Data as well as inspiring anecdotes of “LFI-Binhi scholars” students who dramatically progressed from being a non-reader to becoming honor students, or who became “tutors” to their younger siblings spur LFI to carry on with the project.

For the current school year, the one-on-one pre-testing of grades 1 to 3 students were conducted from June 27 to July 6, 2016 in Bagumbayan Elementary School (QC), Libis Elementary School (QC), and San Ramon Elementary School (Laguna). Through the assistance of the volunteers from Binhi and D&L Group, 265 non readers and slow readers in grades 1 to 3 qualified in the different levels of the English literacy classes.

Last July 1, 14 and 21, parents of the qualified students in the different schools were invited and oriented about the project and their vital role in transforming their children from being a non-reader to being a reader. Classes in the 3 schools started this Monday (July 18).


Lao Foundation would like to thank the following D&L personnel for their assistance in the conduct of the pre-tests.

Silver Shineth 
Norbs Cabatea

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