062116June 18, 2016 marked the start of the LFI-Binhi English Literacy Project for SY 2016-2017. Chelma Cabatic, Principal of Libis Elementary School, Jocelyn Reyes, Principal of San Ramon Elementary School, and Kristine Valencia, representative of Bagumbayan Elementary School signed the Memorandum of Agreement with Lisa Bayot, Chairman and Founder of Binhi English Literacy Foundation and Paul Alfaro, Executive Director of Lao Foundation, Inc. 
After the MOA signing the teachers who will be teaching the Kit 1–Beginning Reading and Kit 2–Independent Reading English literacy classes went to their respective areas to be trained on how to teach and use the DepEd accredited kits. The stakeholders of the project----school principals, Binhi and Lao Foundation----also had their separate meeting to talk about the challenges and best practices experienced during the previous runs of the project, and improvements to be implemented going forward. During the stakeholders’ meeting, it was emphasized the vital role of parents to ensure attendance of their children in the English literacy classes, and likewise essential role of the school heads to make the project succeed. 
On its fifth year of implementation, LFI also explored new school sites to reach out to more non-reader and slow-reader students. Invited to join the event were the school heads and teachers of Manggahan Elementary School (Pasig), Santolan Elementary School (Pasig) and 15th Avenue Elementary School (Cubao, Quezon City). Kit 0-Pre Reading classes will also be piloted in Bagumbayan Elementary School and Libis Elementary School. The goal of which is to catch those grade 1 students who were not able to learn their alphabets and pre-reading skills for them to become readers in their grade level.

Below are some of the feedbacks on the event:

The seminar workshop was an over-all successful one. It attained its major/main objective which is reorientation for old time teachers ad orientation for new teachers. It also gave opportunites for assessing the challenges of last year’s implementation and sharing best practices for futher improvement. Sylangan E. Hyldgaard/Bagumbayan ES

In today’s session, I learned that teaching a child how to read should possess a lot of patience. BINHI FOUNDATION taught the process on how to make reading enjoyable and easy for the children. And I do believe that with this training I may be able to each my pupils very well. Thank you and I do hope to see you next training. Jessica B. Galvez/MANGGAHAN ES

Amazing! Beautiful insights. The training was organized – cleared. The trainor was so good, she discussed very well. Also the food – the accommodation – especially the training room. More power! Hope you/they continue these program. It helps and awakened our mind and help us to become a good educator. Neddie D. Buena/SANTOLAN ES

A very helpful program to lessen the number of non-readers. Please keep on helping our children for better life. Principal Jocelyn V, Reyes/San Ramon ES

On behalf of the 15th Ave. ES Family we would like to thank you BINHI in advance for choosing our school . BINHI’s English Literay Program is a well-planned and organize program with great people behind this said foundation. BINHI is a big help to our non-reader pupils. Thank you and God Bless. Arianne T. Asuncion/15th Ave. ES

More additional materials like the big books. Exciting demo from the BINHI teachers from the different schools. A big help to the slow learners and additional income to the teachers. The speakers are very lively. The place is good. The food is very ok. Thank you very much! Maribel S. Balabbo/LIBIS ES

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