Mr. Francis Yan, president and co-founder of GCHS Project Bless Foundation (Project Bless) updated Lao Foundation last 2 February 2016 on LFI’s Evelyn Lee Lao Teachers' Welfare Program (LFI code: TW_2013-001) which is a fund that supports Project Bless’ “Teachers’ Welfare Program”.

Mr. Yan reported that they have 77 retired teacher-beneficiaries at present, the youngest is 65years old and the oldest is 97 years old. These teachers have rendered at least 10years of service at Grace Christian College. Half of them are already fully retired and half are actually still teaching in the school.

Lao Foundation has been supporting Project Bless for 3 years now through the Evelyn Lee Lao Teachers' Welfare Program in honor of the matriarch of the Lao Family who was a teacher at Grace Christian High School (now Grace Christian College). LFI’s support goes to the welfare services for the teachers that include:

- monthly allowance of Php2,500
- birthday love gift of Php 5,000
- ambulance services
medical services worth Php30,000/year (covers annual physical exams, check-up and medical consultations, medicals procedures, hospitalization, and medicines.
- bereavement assistance to immediate family upon death Php20,000

Every quarter, Project Bless organizes a lunch get-together for the retired teacher-beneficiaries, an event being looked forward to as all come in their best attire. It is a day not only for catching up but also of fun --- raffle prizes, songs and dances, etc. For Project Bless it is also a day to observe the physical well-being of their beneficiaries. If a beneficiary fails to attend the quarterly meeting twice they conduct a home visit.

Noting the geriatric needs of the retired teacher-beneficiaries, Project Bless, started by Grace Christian High School Class 71, is reaching out to alumni of other batches particular those who are now doctors.

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