Lao Foundation formalizes its partnership with Maria Lena Buhay Memorial Foundation, Inc. (MLBMFI) through the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) under the LFI-MLBMFI Special Education Educational Assistance Project held last October 12, 2015. Under the agreement, LFI will provide educational assistance to the 6 hearing impaired indigent students for them to be educated and have greater access to opportunities in the hearing environment.

101615Maria Lena Buhay Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit foundation, started in June 1987, becoming the first oral school for the hearing-impaired in the country. The school has given hope to all the hearing-impaired children who passed through its doors. It has also given inspiration to their parents who thought that they could never talk. The school believes that every hearing-impaired child has a potential to talk and, eventually to live and feel like a normal hearing person given the proper training and opportunity. Nurtured with love, patience, and understanding, a hearing-impaired child can be taught to listen, to talk, to understand and be understood.

101615bThe school is not just developing the student’s communication skills but as well as their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth in the normal hearing world. It is a dynamic educational institution that cultivates the potentials of the hearing-impaired for their HOLISTIC development. In an article posted on the Manila Bulletin and written by Angelo Garcia, Mrs. Leticia Buhay, founder and executive director of MLBMFI shared some of their success stories. According to her some of their graduates are now an entrepreneur and own a chain of coffee shops, a teacher and one who has his own graphic design company.

LFI is very glad to support MLBMFI in cultivating the potentials of the hearing-impaired for their HOLISTIC development.

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