First and only company in the Philippines to design and develop customized aerosol products focusing on home care, personal care and the maintenance chemicals. API also supplies 3-piece aerosol cans and components, which comprise the majority of aerosol product requirements in the Philippines and globally

Home Care

Insect control spray; furniture polish; air fresheners & disinfectants; fabric fresheners; ironing aide; upholstery and carpet cleaners; and pan sprays.

Personal Care

Body sprays; antiperspirant sprays; deodorant body sprays; insect repellants; face mist; hair color; hair structuring spray; disinfectant sprays; gel and mousse sprays

Maintenance Chemicals

Spray paints; brake cleaners; degreasers; penetrating oil; mould release sprays; chain lubricants; chain grease; aircon-cleaners; automotive interior dressing