“The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


After 24 weeks of Binhi English Literacy classes, 249 non-readers and slow readers in grades 2 and 3 completed the Dep-Ed accredited curriculum of Binhi English Literacy Foundation implemented in the 5 schools sponsored by Lao Foundation.

The Binhi English Literacy projects in these 5 schools consist of a total of 14 classes --- 8 in Kit 1-Beginning Reading, and 6 in Kit 2-Independent Reading.

Libis Elementary School – Quezon City

74% or 46 students out of 62 students got the required 80% passing rate and 29 of them got 90% and above rate. 3 students even got perfect scores in the post test.

The culminating program held last March 17, 2015 was graced by Lisa Tinio-Bayot founder of Binhi Foundation. Binhi program manager Mitch Alvarez, and Paul Alfaro, executive director of Lao Foundation also attended the activity and imparted words of encouragement for the students to further enhance the skills that they acquired through the program. In response, three parents from the 3 classes expressed their gratitude to all stakeholders as their children can now read.

Philippine Christian Foundation School – Tondo, Manila

The PCF Chorale, who was also invited to sing during the visit of UK’s Princess Anne, started the culminating program held last March 18, 2015 with their heartwarming doxology and national anthem. The activity was attended by Binhi Foundation founders Lisa Tinio-Bayot and Marissa Lopez-Grassi, PCF General Manager Philip Levine and Lao Foundation executive director Paul Alfaro.

For the 17 students in Kit 2, the program proved to be very successful with 94% (16 out 17) getting 80% and above scores, the highest passing rate among the 5 schools. 82% of this (14 out of 16) got 90% and above scores.

In addition to the books awarded by Lao Foundation to those who got 90% and above scores, PCF School rewarded these students with a brand new set of clothes.

San Ramon Elementary School – Canlubang, Laguna

58 slow reader and non-reader grades 2 and 3 students “graduated” last March 19, 2015. The culminating program was graced by D&L Polymers and Colours representatives Cecille Barte and Kristine Suarez, Binhi Founders Lisa Bayot and Marissa Lopez-Grassi, Paul Alfaro of Lao Foundation, and the school’s Parents-Teachers Association President Mr. Jose Hagos.

Out of the 58 Binhi-Lao Foundation scholars, 18 students got 90% and above in their post-test, 5 of which got perfect scores. The school principal Ms. Raquel Opena said that the English Literacy classes helped boost their Philippine Informal Reading Inventory score. Three (3) parents also attested that their children are now more eager to read and more confident to speak in English.

Cecille Barte and Marissa Lopez-Grassi imparted words of encouragement and thanked the parents, students, and teachers who supported and cooperated to make the program a success.

Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School – Punta, Manila

The culminating program was held last March 23, 2015.  Of the 34 students who were able to complete the program, 20 or 59% were able to pass with 80% and above score in the post test. 10 out of these 20 students got 90% and up scores and 3 got perfect scores.

Fil Avendaño and Joey Roxas of Malay Resources Inc. attended the event along with Binhi Founder Lisa T. Bayot and Lao Foundation’s Paul Alfaro. Fil Avendaño imparted some words of wisdom and congratulated the parents. He further encouraged everyone to tell other parents to grab opportunities like the English Literacy Project for their own children.

Bagumbayan Elementary School – Quezon City

From the 4 English Literacy Classes (2 Kit 1 and 2 Kit 2), 78 non readers and non readers in grades 2 and 3 completed the program and “graduated” last March 24, 2015.

Two Kit 2 students were the master of ceremonies during the culminating program which was scripted in English.  Another Binhi student conducted the doxology song and national anthem with a group of students. Binhi Foundation founder Lisa Bayot with Binhi volunteers Bing Magsanoc, Bettina Salvador, and Stella Lanuza graced the event together with D&L Group of Companies HRD Director Ramon Taniola.  Stella Lanuza who gave the inspirational message was proud to announce the above 20% to 40% improvement between pre-test scores and post test scores of the students. Ramon Taniola further encouraged the students to enhance their fluency in the English language. He started his talk by asking the students who want to go abroad and many students raised their hands. He emphasized that their passport in going abroad is fluency in English.

Over-all, 249 students completed the course. 70% or 175 students passed the program with 80% and above scores. 117 students or 47% got 90% and above scores and 23 students got perfect scores.

These scores were reflected in how the students showcased their acquired English skills through their intermission numbers where the students acted out stories from their reader’s theater while others had group oral recitation of the poems they learned.

Lao Foundation would like to thank the following D&L Group personnel who volunteered their time and assisted in the pre-test, mid-test, and post-test of the students:

List of volunteers per site.

Bagumbayan Elementary School

  1. Leidan Rose Patapat, DLI
  2. Mitch Caumeran, DLI
  3. Erica Lao
  4. EJ Lao
  5. Angie Borja, DLI
  6. Maricar Isais, Teamwork Cooperative
  7. Eugene Robidillo, DLI
  8. Shyrene Aquino, HRD OJT
  9. Dalisay Manlapaz, DLI
  10. Manuel Mendez, Teamwork Cooperative


Libis Elementary School

  1. Juliana Reyes, DLI
  2. Haeng Tan, DLI
  3. Blessy Ann Del Rosario, CCPI
  4. Rad Rigor, OFI
  5. Marjorie Banico, IMC
  6. Heide Maceda, DLI
  7. Robert Oximas, FIC
  8. Monica Villanueva, DLI
  9. Ayechelle Aquino, API
  10. Donna Bucad, Chemrez
  11. Evamae Casampol, DLI
  12. Mildred Lagata, Fastrack Cooperative


Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School

  1. Jenny O. Sibulangcao, 4th Dimension Cooperative
  2. Maria Carla Tamondong, Toplis
  3. Rockfeller Ugale, Serbiz Cooperative
  4. Joey Roxas, MRI
  5. John Rey Magallanes, OFI
  6. Joemar Balomit, Toplis
  7. Claudio Soriano, OFI
  8. Diana Lou P. Lucero, Tolis
  9. Joy Marie S. Sibuan, Serbiz Cooperative
  10. Rene Pardico, 4th Dimension Cooperative
  11. John Camorista, Toplis
  12. Francis Boculen, 4th Dimension


Philippine Christian Foundation

  1. Vanson See, FCCI


San Ramon Elementary School

  1. Paul Balatayo, Teamwork Cooperative
  2. Cecilia Barte, DLPCI
  3. Pamela Jane Baltazar, Teamwork Cooperative
  4. Sugar Rose Degula, HRD OJT
  5. Gladys Garcia, Teamwork Cooperative
  6. Regina Rodil, Teamwork Cooperative
  7. Joy Domingo, Teamwork Cooperative
  8. Liene Balanag, Teamwork Cooperative
  9. John Vincent Encarnacion, Teamwork Cooperative
  10. Gil Dela Cruz, Teamwork Cooperative

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