A total of 121 students were recipients of the 2014 LAO BOH LIM Educational Excellence Awards (LBLEEA) ----- 100 elementary students, 76 high school students, 40 college students, and 5 students with special awards.  During the awarding ceremony last May 17, 2014, once again the D&L Group of Companies through Lao Foundation recognized the excellent performance of the employees’ children as a result of their ‘Discipline and Hard Work’.

The LBLEEA aims to encourage the D&L employees to take seriously the education of their children and to transmit in hem the values, such as ‘Drive to Excel’ and ‘Discipline and Hard Work’ which are among the 8 corporate values practiced in the company.

These corporate values were emphasized by Mr. Dean Lao Jr., who in his speech told the awardees to also encourage their siblings to do well in school.

Mr. Alvin Lao for his closing remarks, said, “…For you students, don’t stop studying hard and don’t stop doing well in school. For the parents, don’t stop supporting the kids because the kids are our future. And kami sa company our obligation to everyone of course is we will also not stop supporting the kids…”


The awardees posted their thank you cards on a wall as their expression of ‘Gratitude and Appreciation’ to D&L and the Lao Foundation

The Chorale of Philippine Christian Foundation, one of the beneficiaries of Lao Foundation, graced the event with their beautiful voices. They sung lively inspirational songs after all the awardees received their cash awards and certificates. The program ended with a group picture of the awardees together with the MANCOM of D&L and Trustees of Lao Foundation, Inc.

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