June 7, 2014 marked the beginning of the English Literacy Project of Lao Foundation (LFI) this coming school year 2014-2015 in partnership with Binhi English Literacy Foundation (Binhi). The principals and officer in charge of the 5 schools “adopted” by LFI namely Ms. Mitos B. Baldomero (Bagumbayan Elementary School), Ms. Chelma B. Cabatic (Libis Elementary School), Ms. Susana L. Baldemor (Thomas Eearnshaw Elementary School), Ms. Noemi F. Fadriquelan (San Ramon Elementary School), and Mr. Philip Marcus Levine (Philippine Christian Foundation School) along with Ms. Lisa Bayot, the founder of Binhi and Mr. John L. Lao, the president of LFI gathered here at D&L Office and signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the 24 weeks English Literacy Project that will be conducted in the 5 schools.

The curriculum of the English Literacy Project, now accredited by the Department of Education will run for 24 weeks (6 months). Depending on the class schedule of the different schools, the English Classes will be conducted every day (Monday to Friday) for 1.5 hours before or after the student’s regular class. To prepare the teachers who will be handling the English Literacy Classes, the teachers from the 5 schools had their training-orientation after the MOA signing. For the first half, the teachers were oriented on how to use the materials in the kit and how to conduct the classes. For the second half, the teachers were grouped and they demonstrated how they will conduct the lesson for the day based on the assigned lesson from the manual.

LFI believes that once a child is a reader, the world of knowledge will be opened to the child; thus, the expansion of the project to reach out more students who are non-readers and slow readers. To ensure that the students included in the program are those who need it most and will benefit most from the program, a pre-test will be conducted. The students (pre-selected by the teachers and recommended by the principal) will undergo one-on-one testing. Those who fail in the test will be qualified to join and will be called Binhi Scholar. To address the attrition rate and absence rate experienced last school year, the parents of the qualified students will be required to sign up and their cooperation and commitment to the program will be asked. They will also be given parenting sessions in the course of the program and their support to the program will be encouraged and asked through a “10 hours sweat equity” wherein they could help out the teachers in the management of the class or help in other ways as needed by the school. 

To come up with the 325 target students for this school year, pre-testing will be conducted in the 5 schools from June 23 to 27. LFI welcomes volunteers who can help out in the pre-test and subsequent tests (mid-test and post-test) to gauge the student’s learning. Orientation on how to conduct the tests will be given to interested volunteers.


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