The 24 weeks of extra English Literacy classes conducted in 5 selected sites from July 2013 to January 2014, Lao Foundation’s English Literacy Project with Binhi English Literacy Foundation (BINHI), ended appropriately with a post-program evaluation held last March 15, 2014 at D&L Industries.

After the graduation ceremonies held last January and February at San Ramon Elementary (Canlubang, Laguna), Libis Elementary School (Libis, Quezon City), Thomas Earnshaw Elementary School (Sta. Ana, Punta, Manila), Bagumbayan Elementary School (Bagumbayan, Quezon City), and Philippine Christian Foundation School (Balut, Tondo, Manila), the teachers who conducted the English Literacy classes, together with their principals and Binhi volunteers  gathered here at the New LBL Multipurpose Hall  for the post-program evaluation and an enhancement session geared towards further improving  the delivery of the program for the coming school year.

Ms. Lois Illustre presented the results of the program that showed significant marks of improvement in the 207 non-reader and slow reader-students from grades 1 to 3 who finished the program.  

These results showed significant improvement despite the challenges faced by the teachers especially in the area of students’ attendance and behavior.

Since classroom management was one of the common problems observed by BINHI volunteers, Teacher Ciara Lazatin-Mapa, a BINHI volunteer and administrator of LEAPSchool for Young Children spent time to discuss the topic and as Teacher Ciara puts it, “Students cannot learn in a poorly managed, chaotic classroom.” She provided the teachers and the principals with tips on how to engage the students better.

The program included an open forum with the teachers and principals who were asked to share their experiences and suggestions. Then there were small group huddles per site to discuss specific concerns and possible solutions, and also some preparations for the new Binhi classes this coming school year.

SanRamonElementary School also presented their own study on the impact of the English Literacy Project as a remedial intervention in their school. Based on the positive result of the program, they came up with some recommendations such:

  • peer teaching between fast readers and non-readers during vacant periods;
  • training the teachers handling the lower sections with non-readers to improve the reading skills of their students;
  • introduce remedial instruction on English Literacy to other grade level; and
  • conduct of oral reading test per grade level at the start of the school year.

Lao Foundation would like to thank the following sponsoring companies for this project:

Bagumbayan Elementary School: Chemrez Technologies, Inc.

Libis Elementary School: Hotel Acropolis and Oleo-Fats, Inc.

Thomas Earnshaw Elementary School: Oleo-Fats, Inc. and Malay Resources, Inc.

Philippine Christian Foundation School: D&L Industries, Inc.

San Ramon Elementary School: D&L Polymers and Colours, Inc.

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