53 bags of blood donated! Once again, D&L Group showed its bayanihan spirit through the recently held Blood Letting Activity of D&L Group through Lao Foundation’s Sagip Buhay Project.  In cooperation with Philippine General Hospital, the blood letting activity was held last September 13, 2013 at LBL Training Room. Out of the 68 interested donors who came for screening, 53 passed and were able to successfully donate blood. These are:
    Abanid, Ardgie
    Abenir, Emely
    Aberion, Reymilo
    Addun, Marvin
    Agbuya, Shynna
    Agonia, Herbert Christian
    Albanio, Noel
    Aldaca, Romel
    Almajar, Jonathan
    Almoite, Agustin
    Ansing, Julius
    Alvez, Rony
    Arriola, Johnel
    Astillero, Anthony
    Banico, Marjorie
    Barandino, Engelbert
    Batin, April
    Belandres, Mae Ann
    Bergamo, Jomar
    Bolivar, Paolo
    Bona, Alviz
    Burias, Ralph Vincent
    Bustamante, Louie
    Castillo, Adrianne Rose
    Cebujano, Robert
    Cruz, Anne Cristy
    Cruz, Citadel
    Cruz, Ronaldo
    Cuaresma, Roy
    Cunanan, Jay
    Daza, Ernie
    Dela Cruz, Alvin
    Dela Cruz, Rodrigo
    Dumanais, Lito
    Felongco, Eric
    Garcia, Fernando
    Guardian, MJ
    Habil, Enrico
    Labini, Manuel
    Lauran, Victor
    Lontoc, Argel Christopher
    Maceda, Heide
    Magyaya, Jason
    Mañibo, Ireneo
    Mendez, Manuel Jr.
    Nim, Faith Hope
    Oximas, Jonathan
    Panganiban, Mamerto Jr.
    Patapat, Leidan Rose
    Pedroso, Victor Jr.
    Quiambao, Arjay
    Quilang, Harold
    Rabaca, Siron
    Ramos, Ramon Jr.
    Raymundo, Marian
    Resurrecion, Ellen Grace
    Reyes, John Louie
    Reyes, Juliana
    Riñon, Nolito
    Salonga, Noel
    Santos, Rigor
    Supan, Allan
    Tagaban, Alejandro
    Talabong, Jeanny
    Timbal, Jose Evan
    Tobias, Ma. Charissa
    Verdan, Albert
    Villanueva, Monica

sagip-buhayThe 15 interested donors denied to donate blood were due to low hemoglobin count, high blood pressure, and have had dental extraction

The successful blood donors left the venue with a blood donor card from PGH, a filled stomach having been treated to a merienda of arroz caldo and egg and with a happy heart being able to help save lives through their donated blood.

Much thanks to the PGH staff lead by Dr. Janneth Tan, blood donors, assigned first aiders, and HR staff who made this activity a success!!!

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