Quoted from an article posted on 16 Nov. 2013 by Dr. William Sabandar and Lilianne Fan both involved in the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (BRR) of Aceh-Nias 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.   “It has been difficult to process the destruction of last Friday's Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), which flattened villages across 36 provinces in the Philippines. The United Nations now estimates that 2.5 million people are in need of food aid and close to 600,000 have been displaced”.

A DNL director wrote, “We need to look at some numbers to realize the size of the problem. These are official statistics which will surely go up, specially the death toll”.

And the 16 Nov 2013 update from gov.ph website:

Dead:                                                  3,621

Missing:                                                1,140

Injured:                                                12,203

People in evacuation centers:            368,655

Houses affected:                                 188,225

Cities affected:                                    54

Barangays affected:                            8,819

Provinces with Power outage:           14

Cost of damage                                 P3.9B

Dr. William Sabandar and Lilianne Fan added, “The scale of the devastation is colossal,
and survivors traumatized from the disaster and the loss of their loved ones, homes and livelihoods are desperate for food, water, shelter and medical assistance. Aid workers struggling to reach survivors face severe access challenges due to damaged infrastructure, insecurity and the remoteness of many affected areas. Many survivors remain cut off from assistance. While the full scale of the destruction is not yet known, it is clear that we are facing a massive and complex humanitarian crisis that will require a massive relief and recovery operation”.

It is to this effect that D&L Group and Lao Foundation as of 15 November 2013 have provided the following:

Direct Donation: 34 personnel whose families and relatives were affected by the typhoon were provided with relief packages that they planned to bring or send to their relatives.

Through ABS-CBN Foundation- Sagip Kapamilya: One million five hundred eighty seven thousand, six hundred thirty pesos (Php 1,587,630.00) and in-kind goods (assorted food items; water; assorted medicines for cough, colds, diarrhea, and wounds; and hygiene materials such as bath soaps, detergent, sanitary napkin, shampoo, etc.)

Thank you to the following donors


Lao family

Yeng Gruet

Accounting personnel

MIS personnel

In-kind donations:

Theresa Tresvalles

Lorena Falcatan

Jane Revis

Raquel Verder

Rico Fernandez

MRI personnel

Resty Kison

Vanessa Malapit

Accounting Ipals

KayC Rivera

Port Clearing personnel

Mae Ann Belandres

Lenz Tagarao

Czarina Atienza

Evert Machado

Jade Jimenez

Marian Raymundo

Loida Rodriquez

Mildred Lagata

Armin Javier

Mich Palatino

Leny Rivera

Marlyn Dela Cruz

Linel Esguerra

CTI-Accounting personnel

HR Annex

Sheryl Odeña

Flor Salvador

Marlicon Dalumpines

Glen Apostol

Marjorie Nocillado

Mitch Caumeran

Mafe Maddawin

Dolly Manlapaz

Tina Viray

Vanessa & Banson Cuatico

Henry Siy

Ronel Delos Reyes

Albert Verdan

Juliana Reyes

Haeng Tan

OFI-Accounting personnel

Marilyn Limbang

Nacing Samonte

Sheila Henson

Valerie Vergara

Accounting-Property personnel

Marian Collo

Betty Mira

Maribel Gonzales

Rizza Mones

Maricel Tamparong

Jesus & Jane Ugale

Camille Abot

Roelynne Abarro

Grace Daguit

Rodney Rigor

Joy Garillo

Marie Lacbayan

Angie Borja

Alvin Lao

CCPI personnel

Iris Tizon

Oliver Reyes

R&D personnel

Regine Beneth Fabian

Gilda Flores

Together each and everyone’s simple effort will make a difference.

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