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Lao Foundation had the opportunity to meet MovEd’s founder Alexandra Eduque and Executive Director Ma. Theresa ‘Bukay’ Lagman during a visit to its Pasig school on October 12, 2016. Lao Foundation was able to learn about the MovEd Learning Lab Program by observing one class in Barangay Maybunga, Pasig. The MovEd Learning Lab Program caters to children aged 3-4.11 years, and provides quality preschool education to underserved communities in the Philippines.

Working with Local Government Units (LGUs) and local communities, MovEd focuses on young children’s safety, health and education. Each classroom is barangay-based, and observes a maximum number of 25 students, which contrasts greatly from public schools’ standard number of 50-60 students per class. This is to guarantee that each child’s holistic needs can be met and addressed fully by their class teacher.

MovEd’s curriculum and rigorous teacher training process is one to be noted. The curriculum it provides to pre-school children includes academic and interactive lessons, which prepare them fully for the challenges of DepEd’s K-12 curriculum. MovEd teachers are trained in the Alphabasa course, and spend 4-6 weeks as On-the-Job Trainees in Chinese International School Manila.

In addition to the quality education that MovEd provides to its students, it also ensures that strict monitoring is carried out throughout and after the process – in observing teachers in each of their classes, their current students’ holistic progress, as well as tracking their graduates.

The LFI team had a very enriching time during the visit, and noticed how these MovEd classes are able to address and develop children’s academic, social, emotional and personal skills. By providing early intervention and a unique pedagogy to marginalised communities, there is no doubt that these young children will be fully equipped with skills to embark upon DepEd’s K-12 curriculum.

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