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Lao Foundation visited the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) Taguig Campus last 15 September 2016 to explore possible partnership in providing educational assistance to deserving in-need students.

According to Ms. Leila Ramos, the person-in-charge at the Office of the Students' Affairs, she has, in her roster, a number of financially challenged students, among them are those about to finish their education but suddenly forced to stop. She is very thankful that LFI is interested to provide scholarships and educational assistance.

As discussed, TUP shall screen and provide LFI with a list of students, initially, those in BS Environmental Science, and in Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology. The Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology is a 3-year course; however students may opt to proceed to BS Environmental Science for an additional year. Most graduates in these courses end up working in laboratories. Currently, TUP is one of only 2 schools in the country offering these courses.

LFI is looking forward to a fruitful partnership with TUP and be able to provide education assistance and subsequently refer employment within the D&L Group to deserving students.

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