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Lao Foundation visited Tzu Chi Foundation on September 6, 2016 to meet the 2nd batch of scholars under the LFI-Tzu Chi Foundation Livelihood Training Assistance Project. LFI sponsored another 25 student-trainees this year, in addition to the 25 student-trainees from the first batch. Our LFI scholars are educated and taught simple livelihood skills, in order to havegreater access to career opportunities.

During the visit, Erika Lao and Sheena Fidelson were able to observe the 2nd batch of students, who are currently undergoing their 4-month livelihood-training program with Tzu Chi Foundation. This takes place at Tzu Chi’s Great Love Campus in Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila. At present, the students are taking up garment sewing and computer encoding.

Teacher Regina So and their very dedicated team gladly welcomed LFI, and introduced us to the student-trainees during their Values Formation class. LFI was privileged to see the students perform in their mini program. Their presentation included singing Tzu Chi songs, and reciting the Jing Si Aphorisms, Chinese multiplication table and Tzu Chi precepts.

The Tzu Chi team also shared some statistical data on their graduates. Based on their report, 96% of their graduates are now employed. LFI was also delighted to hear that the students from the 1st batch of graduates under LFI-Tzu Chi Foundation Livelihood Training Assistance Project are now deployed in different companies!

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