081216Asian Social Institute (ASI) VP for Social Development Mr. Denis Y. Batoy visited Lao Foundation last 10 August 2016 to further discuss the project proposal on the scholarship of 10 in-need children of fisherfolks in their partner communities, and who are currently enrolled in the University of Rizal System at Cardona, Rizal taking up BS Fishery course.

The proposed project aims to help build armies of young fisherfolks who will help secure food and protect the environment in the Laguna de Bay area. They expect the scholars of this project to be economically-empowered individuals serving their own communities.

Asian Social Institute (ASI) is a graduate school whose main objective is to form social development managers and leaders from various institutions that will support people’s movements and have access to information technology and resources for community wellbeing especially of the marginalized persons, families, and communities in society. Its Social Development Department is the animating arm of the school where transformative ideas and innovative approaches are tried out in actual practice and community extension services are carried out in partnership with self-empowered people’s organizations, parishes, local government units, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

Currently, LFI is waiting for the memorandum of agreement to formalize its partnership with ASI.

Also in attendance is Ms. Erika Lao who officially joined Lao Foundation recently. Cheers!

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