060116Ms. Rosella Camte-Bahni, president of CHIVA ni Doakan, Inc. visited Lao Foundation last May 31, 2016 to explore possible partnership for their Ibaloi Youth Heritage and Development Project that involves life skills training, training on Ibaloi’s performing arts and educational scholarship. The youths of CHIVA ni Doakan performed during the 44th General Assembly of the Association of Foundations held last April 25-26, 2016 in Baguio City that LFI attended.

CHIVA ni Doakan Inc. stands for Center for Ibaloi Heritage and Loakan History. It was born out of concern for the Ibaloi youths, particularly in Loakan, Baguio City, known as the remaining Ibaloi community. Faced with the statistics of Ibaloi youths who are school drop-outs, vagrants, and taking vices such as drinking and smoking, CHIVA aspires for these youths to attain a brighter future. CHIVA believes that by being aware of their ancient cultural and historical heritage and taking inspiration from a rich legacy guided by a supportive community, these youths will develop pride in their identity as Ibalois and develop the appropriate values to become responsible members of the community.

CHIVA is known for their youth group who are trained on the Ibaloi indigenous dance and music instruments – which they learned through the School of Living Tradition on Ibaloi Performing Arts through the support of the National Commission for Cultural and the Arts (NCCA).

LFI is looking forward help organizations like CHIVA ni Doakan to improve the lives of indigenous Filipino people thru education, and the strengthening of their ancient cultural values.

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