052716“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” -Mark Twain

Ramsey, a 10-year-old boy with moderate to severe hearing impairment, continues to inspire others that everything is possible in the midst of impossibilities. Born in a financially challenged family, Ramsey could have forever been living in silence and communicating only through signs had it not been for the intervention of Maria Lena Buhay Memorial Foundation, Inc. (MLBMFI).

Ramsey (the kid wearing yellow t-shirt) is the eldest in the brood of 3. His father is a merchandiser while his mother is the one left at home to take care of them. He started studying in MLBMFI 5 years ago. His grandmother, a sweeper in Blue Ridge-A where the school is located, came to know about the foundation and had him brought for assessment. MLBMFI took him as a full scholar.

From being a non-speaker at age 3, Ramsey is an incoming grade 3 student who has progressed very much in his communication skills. He can now express his feelings verbally. He even got a certificate from MLBMFI for outstanding performance in reading, speech and mathematics.


MLBMFI the first oral school for hearing-impaired children in the country gives hope to all the hearing-impaired children. Instead of teaching sign language, MLBMFI teaches students orally with the goal of mainstreaming them and giving them their voice for them to find their niche in our speaking world. For the past 29 years, MLBMFI has produced successful graduates who are either managing their own business or working either here or abroad in big companies.

MLBMFI has given inspiration to parents who thought that their children could never study in a school where they can learn to talk, to understand and be understood. This is why LFI partnered with MLBMFI and has sponsored students in need of educational assistance.

For more information about Ramsey and Maria Lena Buhay Memorial Foundation, you may access the story featured in Inquirer on May 25, 2015.

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