Lao Foundation met the current batch of young women who are undergoing the 4 months livelihood training of Tzu Chi Foundation at their Great Love Campus in Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila last April 14, 2016. Their ages ranges from 18 to 28 years old. They come from varied personal backgrounds: single, married, single parents, and from varied educational level: high school graduate, out of school youth, college dropouts. But all are there due to financial difficulties, and all are there because Tzu Chi Foundation provides them care and hope.

25 out of the 40 student-trainees sponsored by Lao Foundation are taking up garments sewing and computer encoding --- the 2 courses currently offered. The livelihood training from 8am to 4pm Monday to Saturday started last February and will end in May 2016. Unlike other livelihood training programs, this is 50% skills training and 50% humanities or values formation. Humanities or values formation is taught in the morning and the skills training are in the afternoon.

This Livelihood Training Program is just one of many Tzu Chi’s effort to bring about improved socio-economic well-being of workers in the informal economy, in groups/sectors with special concerns, and displaced wage workers and their families. This program is handled by Tzu Chi Volunteers, Ms. Ana Regina So, Ms. Rita Tan and their very dedicated team. There is no tuition fee, while uniforms, lunch & snacks, and daily transportation allowance are provided to the student-trainees.


By supporting this kind of project, LFI desires to assist women in need to be educated in livelihood skills and values to ready them for greater access to work opportunities, be uplifted economically, and contribute to society as a productive citizen..

As experienced by Tzu Chi Foundation, the demand for graduates of their Livelihood Training Program is very high as companies have learned that the graduates have superior set of values and work attitude. Tzu Chi Foundation assists the graduates in placing them to good companies.

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