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The article below will bring you to the Day Care Center of Barangay 894 in Punta, Sta. Ana, where the Kit 0 of BINHI is being taught through the munificence of the LAO Foundation.

Briefly, Kit 0 was designed to teach pre-schoolers their ABC’s, one alphabet per week with the use of all their senses. More so, it creates a venue where children are prepared for the big school, to allow themselves the space and time to get out of their shells and adopt, thus gaining positive attitude towards reading, writing and overall general school work.

You will find quotes below why we have a Kit 0.

“Research shows that children who don’t start school at the right age are more likely to have learning difficulties to repeat or drop out. Most dropouts occur in Grades 1 and 2.” – UNICEF

“Experts have discovered that if children know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they’re four years old, they’re usually among the best readers by the time they’re eight.” – Reading Magic by Mem Fox

BINHI has the curriculum in a bin developed by experts, we give it our best shot to get the best teachers, and we have volunteers who will further enhance the execution of our program. All to ensure that the kids stay in school …. learning well.

Now, we present to you The Class of Barangay 894. These are your kids …..

Founder, BINHI


A Wonder in Disguise
by Ms. Milou Carlos

Barangay 894 Kit 0 class (for children ages 4-5 years old) has an attrition rate of nearly 50%. One will be quick to pronounce that while the program was not necessarily a failure, to a certain degree, it was a waste of funds. Not so quickly on this case. When its history is understood and the class observed, it will be assessed as one of the best classes of BINHI.

A brief history. The class started with 15 under the Barangay’s Day Care’s Teacher Nikki, with Teacher Gener as the assist. The former eventually resigned because of absenteeism. After one teacher replacement, Teacher Gener took over the class but he became very sickly and was often absent as well. During this time, attrition has already started. Then the class got shifted from a p.m. to an a.m. schedule. Further attrition happened.

What it has become. By October 2015, and the class behind by THREE weeks, Teacher Ces and Teacher Jomelyn took over. The kids, we call them the ODDBALLS, will illustrate what happened next.

1. John Jover. PRIOR to OCTOBER: Already in kinder and the eldest in the class, had difficulty reading the letters, often mistaking one from the other
NOW: Identifies letters well. The kuya can now teach beginners!

2. Jeric Gael. PRIOR to OCTOBER: Glued on his mama’s lap and wouldn’t allow her mother to leave, he played with no one and spoke of no word.
NOW: Mama gained back her lap while Jeric interacts with his classmates turning into the class jester!

3. Kim Amira. PRIOR to OCTOBER: A child who is none participative with NO hint of focus, totally lost during the mid-test exam, identifying only a few letters.
NOW: Very attentive and alive! She lives!

4. Santino. PRIOR to OCTOBER: He is the very definition of the word quiet with heavy parent problems.
NOW: Questions everything and has something to say about ALL things!

5. Jev. PRIOR to OCTOBER: A girl who ‘won’t do it if I don’t feel like it’ so she’s deaf to any instruction, but will overturn a table while crying and throwing a tantrum.
NOW: Follows instructions, almost like a soldier, will instead refer to the teacher if something upsets her, a tear falls every now and then but it’s the silent type of tear!

6. Vhim. PRIOR to OCTOBER: The youngest who refused to talk nor played with anyone.
NOW: Very participative and is able to speak loudly in front, on the side, in the middle and anywhere, despite his age!

7. Mariana. PRIOR to OCTOBER: A very shy girl with zero knowledge of the alphabet, able to identify only a few by mid-test.
NOW: Very participative in class and knows her alphabet like the back of her hand, with no trace of shyness! And finally,

8. Jhayze. PRIOR to OCTOBER: We almost lost Jhayze in attending BINHI.
NOW: After Shayne paid a visit to his parents to resolve the situation and Teacher Ces picking him up to bring him to school until the parents could do it themselves, learning the ABC for Jhayze is a piece of cake. He is determined to grab the class jester title from Jeric!

Barangay 894 produced EIGHT disciplined, vibrant, well-adjusted kids ... and yes, they know their ABCs, can read them and pronounce them well ... They are unrecognizable from when they first entered the BINHI class.

You would be balled over if you get to spend some time with these Oddballs. But until that time comes, meet them through these photos and videos. (Photo: The Oddballs goofing while learning the letter U; with the chairs shaped like the alphabet. Ingenious! One oddball bounced behind the leg of a chair, sorry about that. Videos: First, the Oddballs learning their ABC’s while having fun, don’t worry the chairs are pretty stable. Second, the Oddballs broken out of their shells, learning a song in absolute enjoyment.)

The reason behind: Teacher Ces and Teacher Jomelyn. A perfect tandem, these teachers turned around a chaotic bunch of little oddballs into a family of focused sponges. After setting the rules and implementing them, the children learned discipline under these two and the transformation happened. The classes are conducted with fun and the kids are allowed to be kids. But the children know who the authorities are and respect and follow these authorities. Their ways of teaching are ultra-innovative and effective. For Example:

1. Associating the sounds of the letters with familiar sounds, e.g., the sound of the letter X, similar to the sound of the spray.

2. Instead of clapping for a good job, the children are asked to cross their hands over their chest and tap/clap on their chest. This way, clapping is not noisy and the children don’t get a chance to clown around while clapping.

3. To get attention of children, they are asked to raise their hands, which they love. Then, they are asked to either put it on their laps or zip their mouths.

Teacher Ces and Teacher Jomelyn are why the little oddballs are now the happy confident “ABC orating” oddballs, with a touch of Shayne of course, BINHI’s Overseer in Barangay 894.

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