030116Mineth Tangi is an only child of Meraflor Tangi, a single parent. Currently a grade 10 student, she is one of the financially-challenged students/scholars of Philippine Science High School (Pisay) that Lao Foundation sponsored under the Godparent Program of the Philippine Science High School Foundation, Inc. (PSHSFI).

Mineth graduated valedictorian at Toro Elementary School and is consistently in the director’s list of Pisay. She is known as a smart and bright student in their neighborhood such that many ask for her help to tutor them. Her mother told us that Mineth would jokingly say “Mama, ginagawa na nila akong libro”. She proudly shared that one of the students that Mineth is tutoring graduated valedictorian at Pugad Lawin Elementary School!

When asked from whom Mineth inherited her intelligence, Ms. Meraflor said that she guides Mineth in her studies. She is an undergraduate of accountancy and had worked with several companies as office clerk and bookkeeper.

Several months ago Ms. Meraflor stopped working because of a heart condition after experiencing a mild stroke. Mineth’s allowance from her scholarship, PSHSFI assistance, LFI’s sponsorship, and income from tutoring students in their place currently provide for their house rental (about 15 sqm small), food sustenance, and school needs.

Instead of dragging Mineth and her mother down, these challenges drew them closer to God, to whom they source their strength, motivating Mineth to study harder and become better person every day. Mineth’s mother always tell her that poverty is not a hindrance if she wants to finish her education. Mineth wants to take up medicine in college, study and work abroad. They are very thankful because there are people who are God’s instruments in helping them. They are very grateful to PSHSFI for helping them defray some of the medical expenses.

Ms. Meraflor and Mineth are both active in their church activities. Mineth serves as lector and reader every Sunday and helps the church in paper works.

It is the “Mineths” in our communities that inspire LFI to reach out and do more. LFI believes that education is the effective vehicle to bring them out of poverty.

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