020916Lao Foundation visited Dynamic Christian School of Technology Incorporated (DCST) at Marulas, Valenzuela last Friday, February 5, 2016 to explore possible partnership. DCST is a training institution established under the Philippine laws with Security & Exchange Commission No. 201108199. They are primarily engaged in the business of providing Technical Skills Training by offering Technical Vocational Courses. They provide advance knowledge, correct skills and right attitude through modular approached of learning enhancing competitiveness and marketability of their graduates for local and foreign employments.

DCST offers courses on SHIELDED METAL ARCWELDING (SMAW) NCII, ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE (EIM) NCII, BEAUTY CARE NCII, HAIRDRESSING NCII, and also DRESSMAKING NC II. They also provide values formation founded on Christian values with emphasis on submission to authority, honesty, and punctuality. For them developing the right attitude is one of the important qualification looked for by many companies aside from knowledge and skills.

Ms. Simma Lim Yang, president of DCST believes in empowering the poor and uplifting them from poverty by equipping them with knowledge, technical skills and right attitude to enable them to find good paying jobs that are in demand locally and globally. She hopes that with support of foundations like LFI in sponsoring the tuition fees of deserving poor youths, DCST would be able to reach more of their target beneficiaries in Valenzuela and Malabon where they operate.

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