122815Lunas Tradisyonal, is a collaboration of D&L Group HRD-Clinic, Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines Inc. and Lao Foundation using traditional alternative modalities from both oriental and western disciplines. This project had officially ended last Dec. 18, 2015 after its implementation last July 13, 2015.

For five months, the project headed by PITACH-DOH Certified Acupuncturist/ Massage Therapist and NHFPI President Dr. Ronnie Royo treated personnel with common illnesses such as: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia which were among the top 10 illnesses identified.

A total of 315 employees, outsourced personnel and employee’s relatives benefited from the project. Ms. Dalisay Manlapaz, EE Care Supervisor reported that out of the 363 targeted employees for LBL, Mercury, MRI and DLPC, 190 participated in the project equivalent to 52%. See table below:

A survey was conducted to gather feedback from those who have availed the project. They were treated for their arm pain, back pain, asthma, head ache, hormonal imbalance, stomach discomfort, migraine, gall bladder discomfort, scoliosis, gastritis, shoulder pain, stiff neck, eye problem, and tendonitis. As per survey collected out of 36 respondents, 31 personnel (86%) felt better and also recommend regular sessions on this.

HRD-Clinic was pleased with the initial results of the survey and will continue to gather more.

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