121615dLao Foundation (LFI) attended the “Gabi ng Pasasalamat” of the Philippine Science High School students under the Godparent-Godchildren program of the Philippine Science High School Foundation (PSHSFI) last December 10, 2015. The Pisay scholars also called “godchildren” under the program showed their gratefulness to their sponsors with songs, dances, and acting performances.

During this year’s thanksgiving party Jeremy James Bansil, one of the 20 scholars-godchildren of LFI received the award for getting the highest GWA among the grade 7. Another LFI scholar-godchild Clarence Lei Bautista penned the “Ode to godparents” that was delivered by the grade 7 godchildren during the event.

PSHSFI executive director Linda Cordova expressed her gratitude to all godparents or sponsors who have committed to helping these bright but financially challenged Pisay students. PSHFI is a PCNC accredited foundation.

Lao Foundation is committed to help and support these 20 scholars as they now face a brighter future full of possibilities.

Names of LFI godchildren:

Grade 7
1. Angelo C. Adriano
2. Denise Nicole A. Agasin
3. Jeremy James Bansil
4. Clarence Lei B. Bautista
5. Bob Christopher J. Catli
6. Jeem Chester B. Doca
8. Bojo F. Flores
9. Cassandra Antoinette S. Granada
10. Pauline Lyra B. Piedad
11. Francis G. Pumarada
12. Neil Bryan D. Pura
13. Miah Rose M. Serdone
14. Role Victor T. Sudaria
15. Harry Patrick H. Untalan

Grade 8
16. Angeline M. Ferrer

Grade 10
17. Lenard A. Estinido
18. Almeerah Naila Lawas
19. Jhonel G. Ola
20. Mineth Ann Tangi

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