121615bBy Clarence Lei B. Bautista, grade 7 student

First of all, thank you!
You are the first one to help us when we fall.
You are the aid we are waiting for,
In our tightest hours
We will show our gratitude,
By doing what you are doing upon future scholars.

You make the impossible for us possible
Your gratefulness made our day.
It can change our faiths and perspective
On our future

Oh people who helped us,
We are so thankful that you helped,
Children who can make the world a better place
This help can make a huge impact in our society, someday.

We, the children you helped
Appreciate your kindness.
We are so thankful we want to say,
That you are the light in the darkness
You are the π (pi) of a circle,
Because you are a part of me

I am also a part of you,
My duty to you is to be a good student
We will repay you to show our gratitude,
By helping our community in the future

You brighten up our daily lives
Without you, we can’t do the things
We normally do today or maybe
We can not achieve our greatest goals
For the last time,
We would like to thank you very much for all your help!

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