Triggered by an email from a close friend of one of D&L’s manager seeking for help for indigent students taking up night high school classes, Lao Foundation went to check out both A Better Chance Foundation (ABC) on Thursday, 08 October 2015, and the Night High School of Siena College Taytay on Friday, 09 October 2015.

ABC Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit, non-sectarian and non-governmental charitable institution which envisions to be a significant and respected contributor to nation building by giving equal opportunity to indigent but deserving Filipino children towards developing their human potential to the maximum and, eventually, making them an asset to society through education and other learning facilities. It is founded and headed by Mr. Lewis Edwards and is located at the 3rd level of Topy’s Place, Industria St., Bagumbayan Quezon City. The foundation is the major partner of Siena Colleges’ night high school program for 14 years now.


ABC Foundation is now reaping the fruits of their social investments with beneficiaries now working for the companies like Accenture and Deloitte Philippines.

The Night High School program of Siena College Taytay has been running for 15 years now. It was started by Mr. Rene Logatoc, the head of the External and Community Development Services. The program provides an opportunity for financially constraint 6th grade students to continue with quality secondary education. To compensate for the shorter night classes hours, the program added a year more as compared to the regular high school. Currently there are 165 students under this program.


LFI is looking forward to partnering with such organizations.

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