Written by: EJ T. Lao

073115Western medicine has always been the familiar approach towards healing the body from sickness and injury. However, many people are unaware that traditional remedies can be just as effective. Alternative treatment such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and ventosa has existed for centuries, and remains the underground procedures towards good health. In fact, these methods could be just as, if not, even more effective than the average pill and at times, can relieve the malaise that western medicine can’t.

Lunas Tradisyonal brings you the rare opportunity to alleviate and eliminate the pains that have hampered your body from performing at its best. The 6-month project offers D&L personnel the chance to try out these traditional methods that have been known to cure a vast range of common illnesses such as: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidemia (abnormal levels of cholesterol).

The project, spearheaded by D&L HRD in partnership with Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines and Lao Foundation, Inc. commenced on July 13 2015, and the number of participants are growing each week. Below are some written testimonials from those who have taken part in the project:

Bhernadette Mae Recaido from the Accounting Department of D&L Industries has been suffering from gastritis and scoliosis for the past four years. “Before, I used to suffer mild pain every time I felt hungry or very full, sometimes bloated. After 2 sessions [of Lunas Tradisyonal acupuncture], I noticed regular bowel movement and relaxed stomach during intake of food.”

Hector Esguerra from CTIBD-Production: “Before, almost everyday, I experienced feelings of bloatedness and discomfort every time I ate meals. But now [after 2 sessions of acupuncture] I can say that it is improving because I can move with ease and less pain.”

An anonymous source stated: “There is discomfort during waking hours in the morning in the area of the nose. But four days after the 1st acupuncture [session] on the nose, there was a slight but noticeable improvement already”

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