Lao Foundation’s English Literacy Program in partnership with BINHI Foundation that supports and strengthens government efforts to provide quality education, through its partnership with schools and community officially started with 305 students!

For four years now, the program has improved the learning outcomes of students categorized as non readers and slow readers through the proven teaching methodologies of the DepEd accredited multi-level learning kits for grades 2 and 3 students. And for this year, in addition to its sponsored schools, LFI brought the program to the community daycare centers with the thought that providing pre-reading skills to these pre-schoolers will lessen the non-readers and slow readers in the regular schools and will prevent these kids from being subjected to the trauma of not being able to read at the end of their grade 1.

Last June 18-29, 2015 three weeks into the regular classes, pre-tests were conducted in four (4) LFI sponsored elementary schools---Libis Elementary School, Bagumbayan Elementary School, Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School and San Ramon Elementary School----and two (2) Barangay Daycare Centers in Punta, Sta. Ana Manila. Together with D&L Group personnel and BINHI volunteers one-on-one testing were conducted to approximately 500 pre-schoolers and non-reader/slow-reader students.

The students’ fluency were tested by asking them to read what they should already know using sight words, word play and word study. Their comprehension level were also tested through their storytelling capability and by answering questions about the story read to them.

70% of those tested in the schools qualified for the program. The pre-test result revealed some students had difficulty reading simple words like “we, can, run, away, you, will, play, ball, with, me.” They also find it hard recognizing the beginning letter of the word in the picture, its middle sound and basic sight words in text.

In an article posted at RTI Action Network (A program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities) in New York says that “learning to read is arguably the most important work of students in the early elementary grades. Learning to read lays the foundation for future learning and understanding across all areas of the curriculum. Without this foundation, students will struggle to achieve academically in not only reading and writing, but also in areas such as math, science and social studies”.

In this English Literacy Program, those who have failed and qualified to become LFI-BINHI scholars will go through a six (6) months after school tutorial program. Struggling students will be given an opportunity to enhance their reading skills, develop better communication and gain confidence through social interaction.

Series of parents’ orientation in the different schools and 2 barangays were conducted on the last week of June until 3rd week of July to orient them about the program and to emphasize the importance of their cooperation and support for the success of the program. The parents were asked to sign up for the program on "first come-first serve basis" and to give 10 hours "sweat equity" assisting the English Literacy Class teachers in the management of the classes.

On July 6, Kit 0 (pre-reading kit) classes have started at Brgy 894 and 898 Day Care Centers. This week starting Monday, July 20 Kit 1 (beginning reading kit) and Kit 2 (independent reading kit) classes started at San Ramon ES, Tomas Earnshaw ES and Bagumbayan ES. Next week July 27, Kit 1 and 2 classes will start at Libis ES.

Lao Foundation would like to thank the following D&L personnel for their assistance by giving their time and commendable patience in the conduct of the pre-tests.

Dalisay Manlapaz
Abegail Lorenzon
Silver Shineth Nugas
Norberto Cabatea
Glenn Pajarillaga
Lei Patapat
Cecille Barte
Pam Baltazar
Joy Sibulan
Karen Penaflor
Franz Ramos
Diane Lucero
Miriam Rufil
Joey Roxas

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