042815Fresh from their college graduation, 5 out of 8 Lao Foundation (LFI) college scholars under Charity First Foundation visited D&L on April 20, 2015. On the same day, another group of visitors were 7 out of 10 techvoc scholars of LFI under Don Bosco PUGAD Center for Migrant Youths who were accompanied by the center director, Fr. Dave Buenaventura.

An overview on Lao Foundation was presented, while Mon Taniola, D&L HRD Director encouraged the scholars to progress in their journey and presented available opportunities for them.

Princess Guia, former LFI scholar was invited to narrate her experience on how she got employed at D&L as a marketing assistant last year and now being groomed to be the store manager of D&L’s Best Value Store. She pointed 3 things to the scholars: first, always be prepared ---- last year, during a meeting with the LFI scholars of her batch, she was the only one ready with her resume for submission. Second, be passionate with what you are doing ---- love the job that you have whatever it is and it will love you back. Third, take risk and allow yourself to grow.

After the short program at D&L Training Room, the scholars from Don Bosco were toured by Mon Taniola. The scholars from Charity First excluding the one already employed at LBL Prime Properties were escorted to the HR department and were assisted for possible employment with D&L Group of Companies.

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