The 24 weeks of extra English Literacy classes conducted in 5 selected sites from July 2013 to January 2014, Lao Foundation’s English Literacy Project with Binhi English Literacy Foundation (BINHI), ended appropriately with a post-program evaluation held last March 15, 2014 at D&L Industries.

After the graduation ceremonies held last January and February at San Ramon Elementary (Canlubang, Laguna), Libis Elementary School (Libis, Quezon City), Thomas Earnshaw Elementary School (Sta. Ana, Punta, Manila), Bagumbayan Elementary School (Bagumbayan, Quezon City), and Philippine Christian Foundation School (Balut, Tondo, Manila), the teachers who conducted the English Literacy classes, together with their principals and Binhi volunteers  gathered here at the New LBL Multipurpose Hall  for the post-program evaluation and an enhancement session geared towards further improving  the delivery of the program for the coming school year.

Ms. Lois Illustre presented the results of the program that showed significant marks of improvement in the 207 non-reader and slow reader-students from grades 1 to 3 who finished the program.  

These results showed significant improvement despite the challenges faced by the teachers especially in the area of students’ attendance and behavior.

Since classroom management was one of the common problems observed by BINHI volunteers, Teacher Ciara Lazatin-Mapa, a BINHI volunteer and administrator of LEAPSchool for Young Children spent time to discuss the topic and as Teacher Ciara puts it, “Students cannot learn in a poorly managed, chaotic classroom.” She provided the teachers and the principals with tips on how to engage the students better.

The program included an open forum with the teachers and principals who were asked to share their experiences and suggestions. Then there were small group huddles per site to discuss specific concerns and possible solutions, and also some preparations for the new Binhi classes this coming school year.

SanRamonElementary School also presented their own study on the impact of the English Literacy Project as a remedial intervention in their school. Based on the positive result of the program, they came up with some recommendations such:

  • peer teaching between fast readers and non-readers during vacant periods;
  • training the teachers handling the lower sections with non-readers to improve the reading skills of their students;
  • introduce remedial instruction on English Literacy to other grade level; and
  • conduct of oral reading test per grade level at the start of the school year.

Lao Foundation would like to thank the following sponsoring companies for this project:

Bagumbayan Elementary School: Chemrez Technologies, Inc.

Libis Elementary School: Hotel Acropolis and Oleo-Fats, Inc.

Thomas Earnshaw Elementary School: Oleo-Fats, Inc. and Malay Resources, Inc.

Philippine Christian Foundation School: D&L Industries, Inc.

San Ramon Elementary School: D&L Polymers and Colours, Inc.

From Lao Foundation’s (LFI) roster of 40 college scholars this school year in partnership with Charity First Foundation (CFFI), 9 scholars have graduated from their different 4-5 year courses namely----BS Electronics and Communication Engineering, Bachelor in Banking and Finance, BS Information Technology, BSBA Major in Marketing Management, BSBA Major in Economics, BS Secondary Education Major in Biology, and BS Accountancy.

Charity First Foundation’s “indigence based” scholarship is on its 14th year of graduation ceremony last April 6, bringing LFI’s total number of sponsored scholars who have graduated in college to 18. LFI has 4 graduates in school year 2011-2012 and 5 graduates in school year 2012-2013. The graduates in the first two batches are now teachers, accountant, process executive, financial analyst, online banking account specialist, and customer care specialist in their respective work place.

College education is a lot of hard work especially for these indigent scholars but it’s worth the cost and the sacrifice. The scholar who gave the graduation speech  hailed from Zamboanga  and aptly described her journey towards the fulfillment of her dream: to have a college education which she believed the  way of getting out of poverty. Being the eldest, her mother had earlier told her to quash her dream as it was already difficult for them to let her finish high school.

With her dream, she came to Manila and worked as a house helper to save for her education. Years have past, but she still was not able to save enough as she also had to send money to the province to help her other siblings get to school. A friend told her of an opportunity to work abroad and on the day of the release of her passport, she prayed for guidance if it was really the way for her to finish college.

It was also on that day that on her way to the Department of Foreign Affairs she passed by the Philippine Normal University. She inquired and took the entrance exam of the school and passed it.  She decided to stay and study although her savings was not enough to sustain even one year in college. She looked for possible scholarships but found none. Fortunately, her employer offered her to stay in their place for free while she was studying and also told her about Charity First Foundation. She went to Charity First Foundation and after a thorough screening she was accepted as scholar.

After 6 years in Manila working towards achieving her dream and without seeing her family, she got a huge surprise --- during her graduation speech, her parents were present,   planed in by Charity First Foundation. Her employer who had supported her was also present.

For all the 50 CFFI scholars who have graduated this school year, their hard work in maintaining their scholarship (no failing grade, no absence in the monthly Life Skills and Motivational Seminar and volunteering in the medical & dental missions of CFFI) despite several challenges paid off. With a college degree tucked under their belt and a set of values inculcated by CFFI, they now have better chances in securing a brighter future for themselves and and their families too.

Dr. Cecilio Pedro, the CEO and President of Lamoiyan Corporation (manufacturer of Hapee toothpaste) was invited by Charity First Foundation as the keynote speaker. He emphasized hardwork and taking action now. 

After the program, Paul Alfaro and Tina Viray were able to meet and greet the 9 scholars sponsored by the Lao Foundation.  They were all invited to join the D&L Group of Companies.

At present, 3 of the 9 LFI sponsored scholars already have jobs and some already signified their interest to work with D&L Group of Companies by submitting their resume. 

With the recent scam on the pork barrel that tarnished the reputation of valid NGO’s (Non Government Organizations); Lao Foundation, Inc. (LFI) is proud to announce that it was awarded with another 3 years accreditation valid until April 2016 by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification after its 1 year accreditation lapsed.

The Philippine Council for NGO Certification or PCNC is a private voluntary, non-stock, non-profit organization founded by six of the largest NGO networks in the country namely, Association of Foundations, Bishop Businessmen’s Conference for Human Development, Caucus Development NGO Networks (CODE NGO), League of Corporate Foundations, National Council of Social Development Foundations, and Philippine Business for Social Progress. It is mandated by Executive Order 720 to be the government’s partner in determining the qualification of NGO’s for accreditation as donee institution. It has committed itself to promoting professionalism, accountability and transparency within the NGO and non-profit sector in the Philippines. Thus, a PCNC accreditation means having the “seal of good housekeeping.”

It is under this “seal of good housekeeping” that LFI continues to pursue its thrust on education through its various programs and projects for this year namely:

LFI continuously supports projects that would uplift the quality of education at Bagumbayan Elementary School through its various endeavors under the Adopt-a-School Program of the Department of Education. In February of this year, LFI under its Handog Aklat at Gamit Aral Program provided National Achievement Test Reviewers for the 183 grades 3 and 6 students who took the test.

Also under this program, LFI provided the needed workbooks of the kinder and grades 1 & 2 students. 293 students were provided with K+12 aligned workbooks in English (language, reading, and writing for kindergarten); Math; Science; and Filipino.

Aside from this, LFI under its Tulong Dunong Program provided some funds for the Summer and Science Reading Camp held last May intended for those who got low grades in Science. The teachers were also assisted in the enhancement of their knowledge and skills by providing for their registration to DepEd identified seminars of which the school has no extra funds for.

Lao Boh Lim Educational Excellence Awards
LFI execellence awardsPutting emphasis on the value of education and excellence, D&L Group and Lao Foundation launched LBL Educational Excellence Awards (LBLEEA), in honor of their father Lao Boh Lim. Now on its 10th year, LBLEEA benefits the children of the employees of D&L Group. During the awarding ceremony held last May 18, 2013, 193 children of employees in the elementary to college level were awarded for their academic excellence, 4 were awarded for passing their licensure exams and 1 was awarded for placing second in a National Quiz Bee.

College scholarship
In partnership with Charity First Foundation, Inc. LFI sends impoverished but deserving students to college not just equipping them with education but with the values they need to finish their studies and face the challenges they would face once they’re out of school.

In 2010 the scholarship started at 10 scholars with additional 10 scholars per year. For this school year, LFI provides for 40 scholars who are taking up different courses in the partner universities of Charity First namely-----Technological University of the Philippines, Universidad De Manila, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Manila, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, UP Diliman, UP Manila, and Philippine Normal University.

Since SY 2010-2011, 9 LFI sponsored scholars have graduated with courses in Bachelor in Banking and Finances, BS Accountancy, BSBA Marketing Management, Bachelor in Elementary Education and Diploma in Electronics in Communications Engineering Management. And 10 LFI scholars will be graduating this school year.

Teacher’s salary sponsorship
Believing in the cause of Philippine Christian Foundation, Inc. (PCF) in educating the children in the dumpsites in Tondo, Manila, LFI sponsors the salary of the teachers to further the organization’s cause.

Presently, PCF educates 400+ students in its school in the former Smokey Mountain.

English Literacy Project
Finding out about the number of non-readers and slow readers in its adopted school---Bagumbayan Elementary School---LFI partnered with Binhi English Literacy Foundation for its English Literacy Program that targets grades 2 to 3 students. It is in the belief that once a child is a reader, the world of knowledge will be opened to the child LFI piloted the Kit 1- Beginning Reading Program and Kit 2- Independent Reading Program last school year 2012-2013. Kit 1 focuses on implanting beginning reading skills while Kit 2 focuses on enhancing reading comprehension towards independent reading.

english-literac With the success of the pilot project as indicated in the post-test scores of the 55 students who graduated from the program last February 2013 as well as the higher reading levels than when they started in the program, LFI expanded the project to other schools where the companies of D&L Group are located. These are San Ramon Elementary School in Canlubang, Laguna; Thomas Earnshaw Elementary School in Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila; PCF School in Tondo, Manila; and Libis Elementary School in Libis, Quezon City.

In addition to the present 50 Kit 1 students and 30 Kit 2 students in Bagumbayan Elementary School, LFI have a total of 200 non readers and/or slow readers in the English Literacy Project in the 4 new schools, each having 50 students included in the project.   

Evelyn Lee Lao Teachers’ Welfare Program
Acknowledging the important role of teachers in shaping the student’s future and giving honor to the mother of the founders of LFI who was a teacher of Grace Christian College, LFI allocates fund for the Teachers’ Welfare Program for the retired teachers of Grace Christian College.

Community Outreach
Committed to giving back to the communities where it operates and reaching out to others in need, Lao Foundation provides for community outreach programs such as relief operation during natural calamities, blood letting activity, and other projects and activities responsive to the needs of the communities where it operates and its employees.

With this “seal of good housekeeping” from PCNC, LFI commits to pursue its thrust on education, values formation, and livelihood true to its tagline “Framing minds, forming hearts, and transforming lives!”

Quoted from an article posted on 16 Nov. 2013 by Dr. William Sabandar and Lilianne Fan both involved in the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (BRR) of Aceh-Nias 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.   “It has been difficult to process the destruction of last Friday's Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), which flattened villages across 36 provinces in the Philippines. The United Nations now estimates that 2.5 million people are in need of food aid and close to 600,000 have been displaced”.

A DNL director wrote, “We need to look at some numbers to realize the size of the problem. These are official statistics which will surely go up, specially the death toll”.

And the 16 Nov 2013 update from website:

Dead:                                                  3,621

Missing:                                                1,140

Injured:                                                12,203

People in evacuation centers:            368,655

Houses affected:                                 188,225

Cities affected:                                    54

Barangays affected:                            8,819

Provinces with Power outage:           14

Cost of damage                                 P3.9B

Dr. William Sabandar and Lilianne Fan added, “The scale of the devastation is colossal,
and survivors traumatized from the disaster and the loss of their loved ones, homes and livelihoods are desperate for food, water, shelter and medical assistance. Aid workers struggling to reach survivors face severe access challenges due to damaged infrastructure, insecurity and the remoteness of many affected areas. Many survivors remain cut off from assistance. While the full scale of the destruction is not yet known, it is clear that we are facing a massive and complex humanitarian crisis that will require a massive relief and recovery operation”.

It is to this effect that D&L Group and Lao Foundation as of 15 November 2013 have provided the following:

Direct Donation: 34 personnel whose families and relatives were affected by the typhoon were provided with relief packages that they planned to bring or send to their relatives.

Through ABS-CBN Foundation- Sagip Kapamilya: One million five hundred eighty seven thousand, six hundred thirty pesos (Php 1,587,630.00) and in-kind goods (assorted food items; water; assorted medicines for cough, colds, diarrhea, and wounds; and hygiene materials such as bath soaps, detergent, sanitary napkin, shampoo, etc.)

Thank you to the following donors


Lao family

Yeng Gruet

Accounting personnel

MIS personnel

In-kind donations:

Theresa Tresvalles

Lorena Falcatan

Jane Revis

Raquel Verder

Rico Fernandez

MRI personnel

Resty Kison

Vanessa Malapit

Accounting Ipals

KayC Rivera

Port Clearing personnel

Mae Ann Belandres

Lenz Tagarao

Czarina Atienza

Evert Machado

Jade Jimenez

Marian Raymundo

Loida Rodriquez

Mildred Lagata

Armin Javier

Mich Palatino

Leny Rivera

Marlyn Dela Cruz

Linel Esguerra

CTI-Accounting personnel

HR Annex

Sheryl Odeña

Flor Salvador

Marlicon Dalumpines

Glen Apostol

Marjorie Nocillado

Mitch Caumeran

Mafe Maddawin

Dolly Manlapaz

Tina Viray

Vanessa & Banson Cuatico

Henry Siy

Ronel Delos Reyes

Albert Verdan

Juliana Reyes

Haeng Tan

OFI-Accounting personnel

Marilyn Limbang

Nacing Samonte

Sheila Henson

Valerie Vergara

Accounting-Property personnel

Marian Collo

Betty Mira

Maribel Gonzales

Rizza Mones

Maricel Tamparong

Jesus & Jane Ugale

Camille Abot

Roelynne Abarro

Grace Daguit

Rodney Rigor

Joy Garillo

Marie Lacbayan

Angie Borja

Alvin Lao

CCPI personnel

Iris Tizon

Oliver Reyes

R&D personnel

Regine Beneth Fabian

Gilda Flores

Together each and everyone’s simple effort will make a difference.

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As of 24 May 2018