"You don’t have to be a Superhero to save lives."

D&L Group personnel once again showed their gratitude and appreciation for God’s given life by helping save lives through blood donation. 55 personnel participated in the recently held blood letting activity, a Sagip-Buhay Project of Lao Foundation Inc. (LFI) last November 28, 2014 from 1pm-5pm at Old LBL Canteen.

In partnership with the Philippine General Hospital, 48 personnel were able to successfully donate blood. Though willing, 7 others were not allowed to donate blood due to low hemoglobin count, with tooth extraction and with cough & colds.

As a treat to the successful blood donors, Lao Foundation provided warm, stomach-filling arroz caldo with hard boiled egg and water. Philippine General Hospital also provided the blood donors pastry and juice.  Each donor was provided with a donor’s card which they can use when in need for blood supply.

For making the 7th Blood Letting Activity a success, Lao Foundation would like to thank the following participants, most of whom are regular donors. Likewise, Lao Foundation would like to extend its immense appreciation to those first timers who braced post extraction dizziness.

  1. Dan Paul Carambas
  2. Shara Frondozo
  3. Louie Bustamante
  4. Arthuro Castañeda
  5. Herbert Cerbas
  6. Ferly Calaguas
  7. Nikko Olivar
  8. Citadel Cruz
  9. Emely Abenir
  10. Erick Kristoffer Mataro
  11. Rodrigo Dela Cruz
  12. Mamerto Panganiban, Jr.
  13. Leidan Rose Patapat
  14. Victor Pedroso, Jr.
  15. Jonathan Almajar
  16. Ma. Jocel Hernandez
  17. Ernie Daza
  18. Rene Pardico
  19. Eric Felongco
  20. Jerry Salonga
  21. Artemio Abagon, Jr.
  22. Roy Egrubay
  23. Ireneo Mañibo
  24. April Batin
  25. Mel Orias-Arriola
  26. Shynna Agbuya
  27. Robino Bumagat
  28. Jerry Cruz
  29. Kenneth Ragragio
  30. Jay Cunanan
  31. Argel Christopher Lontoc
  32. Earl Christian Cuneta
  33. Ferdinand Genelago
  34. Siron Rabaca
  35. Agustin Almoite, Jr.
  36. Sheryl Selda
  37. Herson Daz
  38. Allan Supan
  39. Gladys Gay Panibio
  40. Maria Stephanie Calderon
  41. Rolando Escarda, Jr.
  42. Noel Salonga
  43. Monica Villanueva
  44. Dalisay Manlapaz
  45. Evelyn Bonete
  46. Heide Maceda
  47. Michelle Caumeran
  48. Ronaldo Cruz

For these willing donors, yet unable to donate, don’t despair … another blood-letting activity will be scheduled next year and if you are fit enough you may register again.

      1.   Maricar Isais

2.   Agnes Alipda

3.   Marlyn Limbang

4.   Daryl Lozano

5.   Suzette Fernandez

  1. Mary Ann Rom
  2. Mary Jane Guardian

Again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for all your cooperation and participation.


To those who may need to avail of blood, please coordinate with HRD-Clinic.

June 7, 2014 marked the beginning of the English Literacy Project of Lao Foundation (LFI) this coming school year 2014-2015 in partnership with Binhi English Literacy Foundation (Binhi). The principals and officer in charge of the 5 schools “adopted” by LFI namely Ms. Mitos B. Baldomero (Bagumbayan Elementary School), Ms. Chelma B. Cabatic (Libis Elementary School), Ms. Susana L. Baldemor (Thomas Eearnshaw Elementary School), Ms. Noemi F. Fadriquelan (San Ramon Elementary School), and Mr. Philip Marcus Levine (Philippine Christian Foundation School) along with Ms. Lisa Bayot, the founder of Binhi and Mr. John L. Lao, the president of LFI gathered here at D&L Office and signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the 24 weeks English Literacy Project that will be conducted in the 5 schools.

The curriculum of the English Literacy Project, now accredited by the Department of Education will run for 24 weeks (6 months). Depending on the class schedule of the different schools, the English Classes will be conducted every day (Monday to Friday) for 1.5 hours before or after the student’s regular class. To prepare the teachers who will be handling the English Literacy Classes, the teachers from the 5 schools had their training-orientation after the MOA signing. For the first half, the teachers were oriented on how to use the materials in the kit and how to conduct the classes. For the second half, the teachers were grouped and they demonstrated how they will conduct the lesson for the day based on the assigned lesson from the manual.

LFI believes that once a child is a reader, the world of knowledge will be opened to the child; thus, the expansion of the project to reach out more students who are non-readers and slow readers. To ensure that the students included in the program are those who need it most and will benefit most from the program, a pre-test will be conducted. The students (pre-selected by the teachers and recommended by the principal) will undergo one-on-one testing. Those who fail in the test will be qualified to join and will be called Binhi Scholar. To address the attrition rate and absence rate experienced last school year, the parents of the qualified students will be required to sign up and their cooperation and commitment to the program will be asked. They will also be given parenting sessions in the course of the program and their support to the program will be encouraged and asked through a “10 hours sweat equity” wherein they could help out the teachers in the management of the class or help in other ways as needed by the school. 

To come up with the 325 target students for this school year, pre-testing will be conducted in the 5 schools from June 23 to 27. LFI welcomes volunteers who can help out in the pre-test and subsequent tests (mid-test and post-test) to gauge the student’s learning. Orientation on how to conduct the tests will be given to interested volunteers.


“Good deeds know no limit and come in different ways.”

In response to the constant demand for blood in our healthcare system, 60 personnel of D&L Group of Companies signed up and registered to participate in the recently held blood letting activity, a Sagip-Buhay Project of Lao Foundation last May 30. In partnership with The Medical City, 46 personnel successfully donated blood. Though willing, others were not allowed to donate blood due to low hemoglobin count, high blood pressure, recent ear piercing and one just came from a trip to Palawan, a malaria-prone area.

As a treat to the successful blood donors, The Medical City provided pastry, water, and a face towel embroidered with the logo of the The Medical City. Lao Foundation also provided them with warm arroz caldo with egg and water.

For making this 6th Blood Letting Activity a success, Lao Foundation would like to thank the following donors:

Emelita Abenir

Shynna Agbuya

Herbert Christian Agonia

Paul Anthony Alapag

Noel Albanio

Agnes Alipda

Jonathan Almajar

Agustin Almonte

Julius Ansing

Marjorie Banico

April Batin

Jomar Bergamo

Louie Bustamante

Michelle Caumeran

Sonny Comedia

Anne Cristy Cruz

Citadel Cruz

Ernie Daza

Rodrigo dela Cruz

Joy Domingo

Roy Egrubay

Hector Esguerra

Eric Felongco

Denis Gandoza

Ferdinand Genelago

Mary Jane Guardian

Enrico Habil

Manuel Labini

Nanette Lachica

Marlyn Limbang

Argel Lontoc

Heide Maceda

Marco Paolo Magay

Raymond Main

Ireneo Manibo

Erick Kristoffer Mataro

Manuel Mendez

Faith Hope Nim

Michelle Palatino

Jay-R Panganiban

Rene Pardico

Leidan Rose Patapat

Victor Pedroso Jr

Darwin Plantado

Siron Rabaca

Ramon Ramos Jr.

Rico Ramos

John Louie Reyes

Roy Rivera

Jerry Salonga

Joe Mari Santoalla

Rigor Santos

Allan Supan

Alejandro Tagaban

Evan Timbal

Ronel Ugalino

Albert Verdan

Elmer Villamor

Ronnel Zafe


To those who may need to avail of blood from The Medical City, hereunder is the process in availing blood. Should you have queries, you may call HRD-Clinic.

A total of 121 students were recipients of the 2014 LAO BOH LIM Educational Excellence Awards (LBLEEA) ----- 100 elementary students, 76 high school students, 40 college students, and 5 students with special awards.  During the awarding ceremony last May 17, 2014, once again the D&L Group of Companies through Lao Foundation recognized the excellent performance of the employees’ children as a result of their ‘Discipline and Hard Work’.

The LBLEEA aims to encourage the D&L employees to take seriously the education of their children and to transmit in hem the values, such as ‘Drive to Excel’ and ‘Discipline and Hard Work’ which are among the 8 corporate values practiced in the company.

These corporate values were emphasized by Mr. Dean Lao Jr., who in his speech told the awardees to also encourage their siblings to do well in school.

Mr. Alvin Lao for his closing remarks, said, “…For you students, don’t stop studying hard and don’t stop doing well in school. For the parents, don’t stop supporting the kids because the kids are our future. And kami sa company our obligation to everyone of course is we will also not stop supporting the kids…”


The awardees posted their thank you cards on a wall as their expression of ‘Gratitude and Appreciation’ to D&L and the Lao Foundation

The Chorale of Philippine Christian Foundation, one of the beneficiaries of Lao Foundation, graced the event with their beautiful voices. They sung lively inspirational songs after all the awardees received their cash awards and certificates. The program ended with a group picture of the awardees together with the MANCOM of D&L and Trustees of Lao Foundation, Inc.