The English Literacy Project of Lao Foundation in the 5 sponsored schools officially ended with a post program assessment held last April 24, 2015 at D&L Training Room. Geared towards the improvement of the project implementation for the coming school year, the 5 sponsored schools in Quezon City, Manila City, and Canlubang, Laguna ---Bagumbayan Elementary School, Libis Elementary School, Philippine Christian Foundation School, Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School and San Ramon Elementary School --- were represented by their principal and teachers who taught the English Literacy Classes.
The post program assessment was successful with each school analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the implementation of the English Literacy Project in their school. Best practices were shared. Among the best practices shared were conducting home visits, texting the parents to get their cooperation in ensuring the attendance of the students in the classes, extending class time if needed, doing team teaching, and using ICT to make the classes more lively, and encouraging more the students to attend their classes.
BINHI Program Results for school year 2014-2015 was presented by Mitch Alvarez, BINHI Program Manager. Ms. Mattie Uylangco, BINHI Executive Director mapped out the key success factors for school performance and participation. The teachers were also asked to individually evaluate the program implemented.

There were other take-home values for the teachers:
1) The talk and mini-workshop of Ms. Nerisa Beltran from the Bureau of Elementary Education of the Department of Education who introduced the Fuller Technique of teaching.
2) The presentation of Ms. Leila Fabella from San Ramon Elementary School on her 2 years action research on the impact of English Literacy Program to their students. This research reached the regional level of competition.
3) Ms. Zeny Domingo from UNESCO who stressed that it would be good to make a longitudinal study on this, extend the action research for 5 years, and do a summative study after 5 years. She is willing to assist, pro bono.

The post program assessment ended with looking forward on what to expect next year and reiteration of the guidelines. LFI challenged the teachers to make efficient use of the fund donated and to find ways to integrate values in the teaching of the English Literacy classes.

“The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


After 24 weeks of Binhi English Literacy classes, 249 non-readers and slow readers in grades 2 and 3 completed the Dep-Ed accredited curriculum of Binhi English Literacy Foundation implemented in the 5 schools sponsored by Lao Foundation.

The Binhi English Literacy projects in these 5 schools consist of a total of 14 classes --- 8 in Kit 1-Beginning Reading, and 6 in Kit 2-Independent Reading.

Libis Elementary School – Quezon City

74% or 46 students out of 62 students got the required 80% passing rate and 29 of them got 90% and above rate. 3 students even got perfect scores in the post test.

The culminating program held last March 17, 2015 was graced by Lisa Tinio-Bayot founder of Binhi Foundation. Binhi program manager Mitch Alvarez, and Paul Alfaro, executive director of Lao Foundation also attended the activity and imparted words of encouragement for the students to further enhance the skills that they acquired through the program. In response, three parents from the 3 classes expressed their gratitude to all stakeholders as their children can now read.

Philippine Christian Foundation School – Tondo, Manila

The PCF Chorale, who was also invited to sing during the visit of UK’s Princess Anne, started the culminating program held last March 18, 2015 with their heartwarming doxology and national anthem. The activity was attended by Binhi Foundation founders Lisa Tinio-Bayot and Marissa Lopez-Grassi, PCF General Manager Philip Levine and Lao Foundation executive director Paul Alfaro.

For the 17 students in Kit 2, the program proved to be very successful with 94% (16 out 17) getting 80% and above scores, the highest passing rate among the 5 schools. 82% of this (14 out of 16) got 90% and above scores.

In addition to the books awarded by Lao Foundation to those who got 90% and above scores, PCF School rewarded these students with a brand new set of clothes.

San Ramon Elementary School – Canlubang, Laguna

58 slow reader and non-reader grades 2 and 3 students “graduated” last March 19, 2015. The culminating program was graced by D&L Polymers and Colours representatives Cecille Barte and Kristine Suarez, Binhi Founders Lisa Bayot and Marissa Lopez-Grassi, Paul Alfaro of Lao Foundation, and the school’s Parents-Teachers Association President Mr. Jose Hagos.

Out of the 58 Binhi-Lao Foundation scholars, 18 students got 90% and above in their post-test, 5 of which got perfect scores. The school principal Ms. Raquel Opena said that the English Literacy classes helped boost their Philippine Informal Reading Inventory score. Three (3) parents also attested that their children are now more eager to read and more confident to speak in English.

Cecille Barte and Marissa Lopez-Grassi imparted words of encouragement and thanked the parents, students, and teachers who supported and cooperated to make the program a success.

Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School – Punta, Manila

The culminating program was held last March 23, 2015.  Of the 34 students who were able to complete the program, 20 or 59% were able to pass with 80% and above score in the post test. 10 out of these 20 students got 90% and up scores and 3 got perfect scores.

Fil Avendaño and Joey Roxas of Malay Resources Inc. attended the event along with Binhi Founder Lisa T. Bayot and Lao Foundation’s Paul Alfaro. Fil Avendaño imparted some words of wisdom and congratulated the parents. He further encouraged everyone to tell other parents to grab opportunities like the English Literacy Project for their own children.

Bagumbayan Elementary School – Quezon City

From the 4 English Literacy Classes (2 Kit 1 and 2 Kit 2), 78 non readers and non readers in grades 2 and 3 completed the program and “graduated” last March 24, 2015.

Two Kit 2 students were the master of ceremonies during the culminating program which was scripted in English.  Another Binhi student conducted the doxology song and national anthem with a group of students. Binhi Foundation founder Lisa Bayot with Binhi volunteers Bing Magsanoc, Bettina Salvador, and Stella Lanuza graced the event together with D&L Group of Companies HRD Director Ramon Taniola.  Stella Lanuza who gave the inspirational message was proud to announce the above 20% to 40% improvement between pre-test scores and post test scores of the students. Ramon Taniola further encouraged the students to enhance their fluency in the English language. He started his talk by asking the students who want to go abroad and many students raised their hands. He emphasized that their passport in going abroad is fluency in English.

Over-all, 249 students completed the course. 70% or 175 students passed the program with 80% and above scores. 117 students or 47% got 90% and above scores and 23 students got perfect scores.

These scores were reflected in how the students showcased their acquired English skills through their intermission numbers where the students acted out stories from their reader’s theater while others had group oral recitation of the poems they learned.

Lao Foundation would like to thank the following D&L Group personnel who volunteered their time and assisted in the pre-test, mid-test, and post-test of the students:

List of volunteers per site.

Bagumbayan Elementary School

  1. Leidan Rose Patapat, DLI
  2. Mitch Caumeran, DLI
  3. Erica Lao
  4. EJ Lao
  5. Angie Borja, DLI
  6. Maricar Isais, Teamwork Cooperative
  7. Eugene Robidillo, DLI
  8. Shyrene Aquino, HRD OJT
  9. Dalisay Manlapaz, DLI
  10. Manuel Mendez, Teamwork Cooperative


Libis Elementary School

  1. Juliana Reyes, DLI
  2. Haeng Tan, DLI
  3. Blessy Ann Del Rosario, CCPI
  4. Rad Rigor, OFI
  5. Marjorie Banico, IMC
  6. Heide Maceda, DLI
  7. Robert Oximas, FIC
  8. Monica Villanueva, DLI
  9. Ayechelle Aquino, API
  10. Donna Bucad, Chemrez
  11. Evamae Casampol, DLI
  12. Mildred Lagata, Fastrack Cooperative


Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School

  1. Jenny O. Sibulangcao, 4th Dimension Cooperative
  2. Maria Carla Tamondong, Toplis
  3. Rockfeller Ugale, Serbiz Cooperative
  4. Joey Roxas, MRI
  5. John Rey Magallanes, OFI
  6. Joemar Balomit, Toplis
  7. Claudio Soriano, OFI
  8. Diana Lou P. Lucero, Tolis
  9. Joy Marie S. Sibuan, Serbiz Cooperative
  10. Rene Pardico, 4th Dimension Cooperative
  11. John Camorista, Toplis
  12. Francis Boculen, 4th Dimension


Philippine Christian Foundation

  1. Vanson See, FCCI


San Ramon Elementary School

  1. Paul Balatayo, Teamwork Cooperative
  2. Cecilia Barte, DLPCI
  3. Pamela Jane Baltazar, Teamwork Cooperative
  4. Sugar Rose Degula, HRD OJT
  5. Gladys Garcia, Teamwork Cooperative
  6. Regina Rodil, Teamwork Cooperative
  7. Joy Domingo, Teamwork Cooperative
  8. Liene Balanag, Teamwork Cooperative
  9. John Vincent Encarnacion, Teamwork Cooperative
  10. Gil Dela Cruz, Teamwork Cooperative

 031016After 24 weeks, 274 pupils under the LFI-BINHI English Literacy Project underwent their post testing examinations. These were done for the grades 2 and 3 pupils of Libis Elementary School, Tomas Earnshaw Elementary School, Bagumbayan Elementary School, and San Ramon Elementary School and day care pupils of Brgy 898 and Brgy 894 in Sta Ana, Manila last March 1-7 to gauge their progress as against their pre-test and mid-test scores. The results of the post test will help determine if the students will still need additional help and undergo the next level or they have already become independent readers.

At the start of this project, the pupils in this project were selected on the basis of their not passing a simple reading test which is called a pre-test. Those who failed this pre-test become the “scholars” of the project.

This intervention not only let these pupils acquire the basic skills to read in English in order to catch up with the rest in their batch, but also boost their self-confidence and raise their dignity as many of them have been subjected to bullying not only in school but also at home because of their being non or slow readers.

This project, in partnership with BINHI English Literacy Foundation, supports and strengthens government efforts to provide quality education.

We would like to thank the following for lending their time and making this activity a success!

DLPC Staff
Cecilia Barte
Pamela Baltazar
Paul Balatayo

MRI Staff
Karen Peñaflor
Franz Ramos
Leila Hashim
Diane Lucero
Joy Sibulan


HPIM5907It is often said that Christmas is for children. Normally children dream of receiving the things they wish for themselves. Some are fortunate to receive them and some are not. And in some instances, children totally give up dreaming of receiving things even on Christmas as their family could not afford it.

For 4 years now D&L personnel has taken on fulfilling the wishes of the indigent students of Bagumbayan Elementary School bringing out that sweet smile of joy when they open their gifts and receiving the things that are more than they wished for.

Pamaskong Handog Project of D&L Group of Companies through Lao Foundation was held on December 12 this year. 160 indigents student selected and recommended by their respective advisory teachers benefited from the project.

Various wishes from toys to clothes, to uniforms, school shoes, PE shoes, school supplies and groceries for their family were fulfilled by 106 personnel of the D&L Group of Companies.

The program started with a doxology lead by selected students at around 2pm. It was followed by a short message of Mr. Paul Alfaro, the HRD and Admin Manager of D&L Group and the concurrent Executive Director of Lao Foundation. He recognized the presence of everyone and especially the sponsors who shared their blessings and provided the students with gifts. After a tiring but full of laughter group games, the students received their individual gifts and refreshments. 

The program closed with a group dance number of selected students as their way of showing their gratitude to the D&L personnel-volunteers who shared their afternoon with them.

For making Pamaskong Handog Project a success, Lao Foundation once again would like to thank the following personnel for their continued support and for sharing their blessings to these indigent students:

Sponsors who shared their gold and fulfilled the wish lists of the students

  1. Alex Palencia
  2. Alma Guiab
  3. Alvin Lao
  4. Amy Samillano
  5. Angel Aquino
  6. Berlyn Aristoteles
  7. Blessy Del Rosario
  8. Bobby Sison
  9.  Camille Abot
  10. Carmella Cerrero
  11. Charm Sta. Cruz
  12. Chinith David
  13. Colleen Onofre
  14. Courtney Cruz
  15. Criselda Condeza
  16. Cristina Chavez
  17. Cristina Marzan
  18. Cristina Viray
  19. Cristine Luna
  20. Czarina Ebio
  21. Daisy Genosa
  22. Dalisay Manlapaz
  23. Daniel Dax Gador
  24. Dessa Aquino
  25. Diane Garcia
  26. Donna Bucad
  27. Ella Marzan
  28. Ellen Grace Resurreccion
  29. Ezra Marie Salinas
  30. Ferly Calaguas
  31. Francis Tan, Jr.
  32. Francis Vic Docena
  33. Gen Escaurriaga
  34. Gene Banga
  35. Girlie Ruiz
  36. Glen Ramirez
  37. Grace Diano
  38. Grace Niño
  39. Haeng Tan
  40. Heide Maceda
  41. Ina Mataro
  42. Irene Gaerlan
  43. Ivy Solis
  44. Ivy Tan
  45. Jackie Dimaguila
  46. James Yaco
  47. Jane Revis
  48. Jay Ann Meraveles
  49. Jeanette Teo
  50. Jenielyn Cantillon
  51. Jennelyn Aragoza
  52. Jennifer Mejia
  53. Joan Rocamora
  54. Joan Tan
  55. Jocel Hernandez
  56. Joshell Tuliao
  57. Joy Beron
  58. Joy Domingo
  59. Juliana Reyes
  60. Karen Domingo
  61. Kenya Perez
  62. Keol Hernandez
  63. Kristine Catindig
  64. Liza Esconde
  65. Liza Guanlao
  66. Louie Reyes
  67. Luisa Rafols
  68. Mae Ann Belandres
  69. Marie Lacbayan
  70. Marjorie Banico
  71. Marjorie Nocillado
  72. Marlyn Limbang
  73. Marriane Mactal
  74. Mary Ann Soriano
  75. Mich Palatino
  76. Michelle Mijares
  77. Mitch Caumeran
  78. Monalyn Borras
  79. Moris Bautista
  80. Naliz Magante
  81. Nikka Maloles
  82. Ning Yauder
  83. Niño Jesus Pasco
  84. Noli Jimenez
  85. Rachel Gonzales
  86. Raquel Verder
  87. Reah Logatoc
  88. Rhaine Galido
  89. Ricky Borja
  90. Rico Fernandez
  91. Riza Castillo
  92. Roelynne Abarro
  93. Romer Cruz
  94. Rowena Palentinos
  95. Roy Solis
  96. Sai Domingo
  97. Steph Calderon
  98. Theresa Montero
  99. Theresa Tresvalles
  100.  Val Ching
  101.   Vanessa Malapit
  102.   Wena Valatero
  103.  Wendy Amacio
  104.  Winaleen Calajate
  105.  Winnie Mallari
  106.  Ziena Robles


Volunteers who shared their time and talent in preparing and facilitating the group games and gift giving

Group 1

  1. Angel Aquino
  2. Czarina Ebio
  3. Daniel Dax Gador
  4. Donna Bucad
  5. Evamae Casampol
  6. Ezra Marie Salinas
  7. Joshell Tuliao
  8. Michelle Mijares
  9. Moris Bautista
  10. Romer Cruz


Group 2

  1. Berlyn Aristoteles
  2. Ferly Calaguas
  3. Gladys Valiente
  4. Grace Diano
  5. Mary Ann Soriano
  6. Marjorie Nocillado
  7. Sandy Mendoza


Group 3

  1. Evelyn Bonete
  2. Gem Decal
  3. Jaypie Fernandez
  4. Joy Beron
  5. Joy Domingo
  6. Justine Marni Peco
  7. Leidan Patapat
  8. Manuel Mendez
  9. Maricar Isais
  10. Marjorie Banico
  11. Monica Villanueva
  12. Nino Jesus Pasco
  13. Shyrene Anne Aquino 


Group 4

  1. Cristina Santos
  2. Jholly Mae Jamero
  3. Marianne Mactal
  4. Nikka Maloles
  5. Vanessa Malapit
  6. Wena Valatero


Group 5

  1. Boyet Pineda
  2. Frank Laurente
  3. Genelyn Banga
  4. Lenz Tagarao
  5. Luisa Rafols
  6. Mich Palatino
  7. Neil Morales
  8. Reah Logatoc
  9. Rowena Palentinos
  10. Seige Takada
  11. Shella Mendoza
  12. Von Reyes


A blessed Christmas to everyone!





As of 24 May 2018