121615dLao Foundation (LFI) attended the “Gabi ng Pasasalamat” of the Philippine Science High School students under the Godparent-Godchildren program of the Philippine Science High School Foundation (PSHSFI) last December 10, 2015. The Pisay scholars also called “godchildren” under the program showed their gratefulness to their sponsors with songs, dances, and acting performances.

During this year’s thanksgiving party Jeremy James Bansil, one of the 20 scholars-godchildren of LFI received the award for getting the highest GWA among the grade 7. Another LFI scholar-godchild Clarence Lei Bautista penned the “Ode to godparents” that was delivered by the grade 7 godchildren during the event.

PSHSFI executive director Linda Cordova expressed her gratitude to all godparents or sponsors who have committed to helping these bright but financially challenged Pisay students. PSHFI is a PCNC accredited foundation.

Lao Foundation is committed to help and support these 20 scholars as they now face a brighter future full of possibilities.

Names of LFI godchildren:

Grade 7
1. Angelo C. Adriano
2. Denise Nicole A. Agasin
3. Jeremy James Bansil
4. Clarence Lei B. Bautista
5. Bob Christopher J. Catli
6. Jeem Chester B. Doca
8. Bojo F. Flores
9. Cassandra Antoinette S. Granada
10. Pauline Lyra B. Piedad
11. Francis G. Pumarada
12. Neil Bryan D. Pura
13. Miah Rose M. Serdone
14. Role Victor T. Sudaria
15. Harry Patrick H. Untalan

Grade 8
16. Angeline M. Ferrer

Grade 10
17. Lenard A. Estinido
18. Almeerah Naila Lawas
19. Jhonel G. Ola
20. Mineth Ann Tangi

112715As LFI’s 3-year accreditation from Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) comes to an end, LFI re-applied for a certification renewal for 2016. A Non-Government Organization (NGO) may get a 1, 3, or 5-year certification depending on the organization’s years of existence and evaluation ratings.

This certification from PCNC is considered a seal of good housekeeping that prospective donors and funding agencies may look for in their selection of NGOs to support. Once an NGO has been judged to have met the minimum criteria for certification, the PCNC Board offers a 3-year or 5-year certification, and then informs the Bureau of the Internal Revenue (BIR) for the issuance of a BIR Certificate of Registration as qualified donor institution.

PCNC certifies local NGOs that comply with government requirements. They make sure that the NGOs maintain transparency, especially since most of them receive donations from individuals and corporations.

A team of evaluators from PCNC visited LFI last 24 November 2015. The team members were: Dr. Hipolito P. Palcon, part time faculty from Philippine Women’s University Manila, Mr. Marcos T. Lim, CPA from Ocampo, Leong, Lim & Co. and Ms. Mhel C. Mateo, certification organizer from PCNC.

Their evaluation covered governance, networking, vision, mission, goals, program operations, financial management and administration. The team reviewed various LFI documents, interviewed board members, officers, and pertinent staff. Then, the evaluators held a wrap-up session among themselves to discuss their findings and make recommendations which they will submit to the PCNC Board for deliberation and approval.

LFI is hopeful to get the NGO certification renewal soonest.


Lao Foundation extends its congratulations to the three (3) scholars of LFI-Don Bosco PUGAD TechVoc Educational Assistance Project who graduated last October 24, 2015 from TESDA Accredited Technical Skill Training Course in Automotive under Don Bosco Technical Vocational Educational and Training Center in Makati. Michael Aquino, Joseph Tuparan, and Venancio Pariño Jr., are now working as they were absorbed by the companies where they had their on-the-job training.

Michael (18yrs old), is the eldest of 5 siblings. He lives with his parent in a simple house in Malvar, Batangas. The family’s sources of income are from factory work and vending food. He went to college at Batangas State University but was not able to pursue his education to financial constraints and he also got himself into bad company. With strong determination, he decided to change his ways to be able to help his family. Michael was referred to PUGAD by a concerned citizen in Malvar. He is now working at Isuzu Gen Car Philippines in Batangas.

Joseph (18yrs. old), is the 4th of 5 siblings. His family migrated from Cebu and they now reside in a small house that they availed through the National Housing Authority in Bagong Silang, Caloocan City. His family’s sources of income are the salary of his father, a security guard and his mother’s, a sewer. He was referred by his brother, a former migrant youth of Don Bosco PUGAD Center. He is a conduct and perfect attendance awardee. Joseph is now working at Unique Auto Car in Manila.

Venancio (20yrs. old), also a perfect attendance awardee came from a large family --- the 7th of 12 siblings. His mother, a “kasambahay” is the sole breadwinner of the family after his father died due to colon cancer. Venancio stands as the eldest brother to his younger siblings as his elder siblings already have their own families. His family stays in a house owned by his aunt. He dreamt of studying any vocational course to be able to help his mother and he was fortunate to be referred by his relative priest to PUGAD Center. He is now working at FIX Stop in Quezon City.

The 3 three scholars are just a few of the migrant youths from different provinces under the Don Bosco PUGAD Center. The center caters to underprivileged youth from different provinces whose ages range from 16-24. The mission of the Center is to uplift the life of these youths by empowering them through holistic formation that would take care of their physical, social, educational, moral and spiritual needs. With this kind of holistic approach, they will be empowered to become dignified, productive agents in their respective families and communities.

Lao Foundation is glad to assist these young men and be a partner of Don Bosco PUGAD Center in giving them a chance and hope to pursue their education and be able to financially support themselves and their family for a better future.


Last October 22, LFI was glad to welcome Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. lead by Edric Calma (director of KCFI), Marie Nery (resource mobilization officer for educational leadership) and Miel Arcinas (resource mobilization assistant).

Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. (KCFI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of Filipinos from poverty through education. KCFI is at the forefront of providing learners with access to multimedia learning resources on-air through K Channel television, online through KCh Online and on-demand through the KCh Portable Media Library since 1999. It is the first and only curriculum-based transmedia system focused on Philippine basic education. It too has been proven to be an effective tool in increasing learning outcomes, student participation and community involvement among schools.

Aside from multimedia learning resources for K+12, early childhood development, and alternative learning system, KCFI is also involved in the continuing learning of education leaders, principals and teachers. One particular program that caught the interest of LFI is the Learning Effectively through Enhanced Pedagogies (LEEP) training for principal and teachers. Through LEEP, principals and teachers will be trained on creating learner-centered classroom, use of constructivism, collaboration, multimedia resources and other pedagogies that are especially needed for K+12 and 21st century learning to happen. For contents, they will have access to over 500 education videos and interactive multimedia developed by KCFI. All of these have designed and produced with DEPED curricula in mind.

LEEP training for teachers may be piloted at LFI’s 2 sponsored schools namely Libis Elementary School (LES) and Bagumbayan Elementary School (BES). To explore this further, on 27 October 2015 LFI gathered KCFI, LES principal Chelma Cabatic, BES principal Felix Malunes, and partner BINHI English Literacy Foundation lead by Mattie Uylangco (executive director), Stella Lanuza (head Binhi volunteer for BES), Noemi del rosario May Shayne Oros (both Binhi social workers), and Chris Glober (German volunteer student).

The objectives of the meeting were: 
1.The interest of the principals on LEEP training for its teachers.
2.The level of readiness of the school in terms of facility and equipment. 
3.The expected role of everyone if the project will push through
4.If BINHI can make use of the multimedia learning resources of KCFI for its ongoing English-literacy project with LFI.

KFCI explained their LEEP program in developing learner centered classroom management, in enhancing the creativity of the teacher in the classroom, and in using an external hard drive preloaded with K Channel educational videos and games for K-12. The videos tackle various academic subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies and the topics on climate change, disaster preparedness, kwentong kartero, health, and travel.

Both principals were very interested with LEED program. However, on the level of readiness in terms of facility and equipment, both schools will need funding support to be able to install video monitors in every classroom. With this limitation, LFI encouraged the principals to seek the support from other donors and to align their solicitation effort towards equipping the school with the needed hardware.

To learn further about KCFI’s LEEP program, LFI and BINHI visited an ongoing LEED training conducted at San Guillermo Elementary School in Morong, Rizal on 29 October 2015 involving about 50 teachers from 2 public schools. KCFI’s LEED person-on-the-ground, Madi Marasigan (educational leadership officer), agreed to work on for LFI a LEED model with a plan of operations that would involve year-long monitoring and assessment (similar to ongoing LFI-Binhi project) to ensure that teachers take optimal advantage of the LEED program.

LFI is looking forward to working together with KCFI on a ‘Retooling’ Project for public school teachers