122815Lunas Tradisyonal, is a collaboration of D&L Group HRD-Clinic, Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines Inc. and Lao Foundation using traditional alternative modalities from both oriental and western disciplines. This project had officially ended last Dec. 18, 2015 after its implementation last July 13, 2015.

For five months, the project headed by PITACH-DOH Certified Acupuncturist/ Massage Therapist and NHFPI President Dr. Ronnie Royo treated personnel with common illnesses such as: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia which were among the top 10 illnesses identified.

A total of 315 employees, outsourced personnel and employee’s relatives benefited from the project. Ms. Dalisay Manlapaz, EE Care Supervisor reported that out of the 363 targeted employees for LBL, Mercury, MRI and DLPC, 190 participated in the project equivalent to 52%. See table below:

A survey was conducted to gather feedback from those who have availed the project. They were treated for their arm pain, back pain, asthma, head ache, hormonal imbalance, stomach discomfort, migraine, gall bladder discomfort, scoliosis, gastritis, shoulder pain, stiff neck, eye problem, and tendonitis. As per survey collected out of 36 respondents, 31 personnel (86%) felt better and also recommend regular sessions on this.

HRD-Clinic was pleased with the initial results of the survey and will continue to gather more.

121815D&L HRD-Clinic & Lao Foundation (LFI) wound up 2015 by holding the 9th Sagip-Buhay “blood-letting” Project last December 3, 2015. The team of doctors and medical technicians from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) conducted the activity at the old LBL canteen joined by the team from D&L HRD-Clinic.

Out of 56 personnel who came to donate, 48 were successful.

D&L HRD-Clinic and LFI would like to thank all for their life-giving gift and would like to wish everyone season’s greetings and a blessed Christmas!

Leonardo Camayong
Jerry Cruz
Jennifer Mejia
Judy Cuizon Lozada
Richard Neil Chua
Warren Dave Garcia
Geraldine Marie Avila
Louie Dela Peña
Bernard Ebreo
Ismael Cunanan
Joseph Dioquino
April Anne Tambalague
Manuel Mendez
Joy Domingo
Marjorie De Asis
Dalisay Manlapaz
Reynaldo Camua
Starmie Fillartos
Citadel D.A. Cruz
Jhun Jhun Dela Cruz
Rolando Escalda
Albert Verdan
Allan Supan
Herbert Cerbes
Ellaine Martinez
Ralph Vincent Burias
Rene Pandico
Jonathan Almajar
Leidan Rose Patapat
Mich Palatino
Agustin Almonte
Angel Cristopher Lontoc
Noel Velarde
Abel Riedo Arenas
John Louie Reyes
Arnel Estrera
John Romer Cruz
Artemio Abagon
Daryl Delos Santos
Silver Shineth Nugas
Norberto Cabatea
Kimberly Lucerna
Jason Amantillo
Shiela May Evangelista
Annette Duques
Jose Evan Timpal
Neil Morales
Michelle Caumeran

We can not but extend the same appreciation to the following willing personnel who came but because of certain conditions such as anemia or hypertension, they were not permitted to donate.

Jayce Umaguing
Daniel Labog
Jomel Baican
Mary Jane Guardian
Ma. Jocel Chico
Ireneo Mañibo
Sheena LynBangit
Genevieve Solis

To the following staff, our sincere thanks for lending their hands and time as well for another successful activity.

HRD–Clinic for their nursing services: Nica Pasco and MJ Guardian with Sam and Flor.

LFI personnel for the delicious and hot arroz caldo with egg: Tina Viray and Sheena Fidelson

PGH Team: Dr. Juan Silvestre Pascual, Dr. Vincent Verdan, Dr. Vincent Venida, Dr. Gianina Kasandra Grey, Dr. Catherine Grace Dajay, MT. Julius Caezar Roma and MT. Kim Kagaoan

May God bless you all abundantly!

121615bBy Clarence Lei B. Bautista, grade 7 student

First of all, thank you!
You are the first one to help us when we fall.
You are the aid we are waiting for,
In our tightest hours
We will show our gratitude,
By doing what you are doing upon future scholars.

You make the impossible for us possible
Your gratefulness made our day.
It can change our faiths and perspective
On our future

Oh people who helped us,
We are so thankful that you helped,
Children who can make the world a better place
This help can make a huge impact in our society, someday.

We, the children you helped
Appreciate your kindness.
We are so thankful we want to say,
That you are the light in the darkness
You are the π (pi) of a circle,
Because you are a part of me

I am also a part of you,
My duty to you is to be a good student
We will repay you to show our gratitude,
By helping our community in the future

You brighten up our daily lives
Without you, we can’t do the things
We normally do today or maybe
We can not achieve our greatest goals
For the last time,
We would like to thank you very much for all your help!

121615For some kids even a simple “cellphone” toy that one can buy for as low as 50 Pesos is a wish they hope to get for Christmas as it is something their family cannot afford to buy.

For 5 years now, personnel of D&L Group have granted simple Christmas wishes and brought smiles to the faces of indigent students of Bagumbayan Elementary School through the Pamaskong Handog Project of Lao Foundation.

Out from the generosity of D&L personnel who would literally scramble to sponsor students once the list is out, simple wishes for toys, school shoes, uniforms, school supplies, even groceries for their family are fulfilled. A 2-hour fun-filled activity with mascot and snacks was held during the gift-giving day to make these students feel the spirit and joy of the Christmas season.

Last December 14, 2015, 170 students from kinder to grade 6 together with a few SPED students benefited from this year’s Pamaskong Handog.

Lao Foundation would like to thank the following D&L personnel for making this event a success:

Sponsors who shared their blessings and fulfilled the wishlist of the students

1. Edison See
2. Cecile Bolaños
3. Charm Sta. Cruz
4. Jayce Umaguing
5. Juliana Reyes
6. Jennifer Mejia
7. Anna Murillo
8. Juliana Reyes
9. Eldeliza Bituin
10. Juliana Reyes
11. Jian Montemayor
12. Raquel Verder
13. Jocel Hernandez-Chico
14. Tina Chavez
15. Jeanette Teo
16. Ellen Grace Resurrecion
17. Leny Rivera
18. Cristina Viray
19. Rea Logatoc
20. Cristine Luna
21. Gena Banga
22. Ferly Calaguas
23. Zara Gale Guisando
24. Rowena Palentinos
25. Eva Mae Casampol
26. Ivy Solis
27. Mitch Palatino
28. Haeng Tan
29. Elaine Yago
30. Precios Jewel Sacayan
31. Stephanie Claderon
32. Cristina Marzan
33. Beverly Delos Santos
34. Donna Bucad
35. Joan Rocamora
36. Miericar Teodoro
37. Ezra Marie Salina
38. Irene Barila
39. Rowena Valatero
40. EJ Leo Rementina
41. Donnabelle Wong
42. Natty
43. Luisa Rafols
44. Rico Fernandez
45. Janine Tumara
46. Kenya Perez Buela
47. Glenn Ramirez
48. Alvin Lao
49. Jenielyn Cantillon
50. Perlie Cruz Dimalanta
51. Gladys Panibio
52. Nikka Maloles
53. Jessie Rhel Banaag
54. Jake Baja
55. Czarina Ebio
56. Clarissa Penalosa
57. Jennylyn Aragoza
58. Keol Hernandez
59. Jhon Michael Daz
60. Curtney Gayle Cruz
61. Winnie Mallari
62. Ivy Tan
63. Ariel Bautista
64. Darian Lim
65. Sheena Fidelson
66. Ricky Borca
67. Rachell Gonzales
68. Jherwin Torres
69. Alma Guiab
70. Francis Tan
71. Mae Ann Belandres
72. Jobelyn Alis
73. Citadel Cruz
74. Marianne Mactal
75. Erika Cruz
76. Vanessa Malapit
77. Joshell Tuliao
78. Lisa Esconde
79. Mafe Madawin
80. Gigi Nino
81. Marjorie Nocillado
82. Jonna Tomeldan
83. Girlie Ruiz
84. Grace Daquis
85. Ziena Robles
86. Mel Orias-Arriola
87. Joan Tan
88. Hazeline Jhil Bautista
89. Romer Cruz
90. Alex Palencia
91. Rad Rigor
92. Dessa Aquino
93. Debbie Serrato
94. Karen Domingo
95. Ella Marzan
96. Blessy Del Rosario
97. Valerie Vergara
98. Mary Grace Manalo
99. Jen Ruiz-Lapuz
100. Ning Yauder
101. Jailani Agustin-Dioquino
102. Stephanie Calderon
103. Irene Gaerlan
104. Camille Abot

Volunteers who shared their time in facilitating games and gift giving

1. Irene Barila
2. Jaynean Benguet
3. Marianne Mactal
4. Nikka Maloles
5. Raquel Verder
6. Vanessa Malapit
7. Rowena Valatero
8. Cristina Santos
9. Janine Tumara
10. Erika Cruz
11. Cloid Sebastian
12. Dessa Vipinosa
13. Anri Penuliar
14. Czarina Ebio
15. Joshell Tuliao
16. Princess Sapinoso
17. Jenielyn Cantillon
18. Evamae Casampol
19. Donna Bucad
20. Anna Murillo
21. Jonna Tomelda
22. Niño Pasco
23. Nica Pasco
24. Silver Shineth
25. Norbs Cabatea
26. Kimberly Lucerna