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Lao Foundation conducted field visits to two partner-foundations, Don Bosco Youth Center Tondo and Purple Centers Foundation, last September 21, 2016. Visitations are regularly done by LFI to partner-foundations to check the progress of LFI's projects with them, and to know what other support they might need.

LFI visited Don Bosco Youth Center Tondo, and got a chance to meet the current batch of scholars. Rev Rector/TVET Director Fr. Gaudencio Carandang JR., sdb and Project Coordinator Mr. Jay Joaquino were pleased to report that all the scholars are performing well academically, behaviorally and in extra-curricular activities. However, they are currently having difficulty in finding teachers that would commit to teach in the center.

LFI had a chance to get to know the scholars. Some of them shared stories of how Don Bosco Tondo has brought a positive change into their lives, and shared how they have all grown personally, spiritually, and academically; some of them are amongst the top of their class. They wrote heartfelt thank you letters, and expressed gratitude to Lao Foundation for supporting them in their studies.

Likewise, LFI also visited Purple Centers Foundation. Development Communications Officer Ms. Amor Reyes gladly toured Erika Lao and Sheena Fidelson around the school. Purple Centers Foundation has faced quite a few opportunities and challenges since the rebranding from its previously known name, Philippine Christian Foundation. However, they have done very well in adapting to recent changes. They continue to offer projects to help their community further.

With the collaborative efforts between these partner-foundations, LFI is very positive in its hopes to achieve its vision in empowering people through education and values formation.


Lao Foundation visited Fr. Marie Eugene Family Development Foundation Inc. in Angat, Bulacan last September 16, 2016 to explore its program and services.

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MEFAMDEV was founded by Notre Dame de Vie (NDV) Institute, a secular institute which lives by the Carmelite spirituality. The foundation is said to be the testimony of the members’ desires to uphold the teachings of their founder, Fr. Marie Eugene of the Child Jesus. MEFAMDEV is committed to work in partnership with families by implementing programs and activities that aim to address their material and spiritual poverty.

Programs and services:

1. Participative Survey
2. Education
3. Human and Values Formation
4. Livelihood
5. Promotion of Health and Medical Referral
6. Psycho-social intervention
7. Spiritual and Apostolic Formation

The LFI team had a fruitful meeting with MEFAMDEV Executive Director Lyra Del Castillo and her staff. MEFAMDEV showed an informative video about the foundation, its beneficiaries, and what the foundation has accomplished since its establishment in 2006.

LFI also had the opportunity to interact with the student-beneficiaries who were around for their tutorial class taught by a MEFAMDEV staff, who is a retired teacher. These students expressed their desires to become a nurse, a military man, a chef, a teacher, and to take up further education in TechVoc studies.

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Moving forward, LFI is looking forward to working with MEFAMDEV either as its direct partner or as a sponsor of its student-beneficiaries who qualify in the College and Techvoc scholarship programs of LFI’s existing partners.

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Lao Foundation visited the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) Taguig Campus last 15 September 2016 to explore possible partnership in providing educational assistance to deserving in-need students.

According to Ms. Leila Ramos, the person-in-charge at the Office of the Students' Affairs, she has, in her roster, a number of financially challenged students, among them are those about to finish their education but suddenly forced to stop. She is very thankful that LFI is interested to provide scholarships and educational assistance.

As discussed, TUP shall screen and provide LFI with a list of students, initially, those in BS Environmental Science, and in Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology. The Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology is a 3-year course; however students may opt to proceed to BS Environmental Science for an additional year. Most graduates in these courses end up working in laboratories. Currently, TUP is one of only 2 schools in the country offering these courses.

LFI is looking forward to a fruitful partnership with TUP and be able to provide education assistance and subsequently refer employment within the D&L Group to deserving students.

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Lao Foundation visited Tzu Chi Foundation on September 6, 2016 to meet the 2nd batch of scholars under the LFI-Tzu Chi Foundation Livelihood Training Assistance Project. LFI sponsored another 25 student-trainees this year, in addition to the 25 student-trainees from the first batch. Our LFI scholars are educated and taught simple livelihood skills, in order to havegreater access to career opportunities.

During the visit, Erika Lao and Sheena Fidelson were able to observe the 2nd batch of students, who are currently undergoing their 4-month livelihood-training program with Tzu Chi Foundation. This takes place at Tzu Chi’s Great Love Campus in Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila. At present, the students are taking up garment sewing and computer encoding.

Teacher Regina So and their very dedicated team gladly welcomed LFI, and introduced us to the student-trainees during their Values Formation class. LFI was privileged to see the students perform in their mini program. Their presentation included singing Tzu Chi songs, and reciting the Jing Si Aphorisms, Chinese multiplication table and Tzu Chi precepts.

The Tzu Chi team also shared some statistical data on their graduates. Based on their report, 96% of their graduates are now employed. LFI was also delighted to hear that the students from the 1st batch of graduates under LFI-Tzu Chi Foundation Livelihood Training Assistance Project are now deployed in different companies!