060116Ms. Rosella Camte-Bahni, president of CHIVA ni Doakan, Inc. visited Lao Foundation last May 31, 2016 to explore possible partnership for their Ibaloi Youth Heritage and Development Project that involves life skills training, training on Ibaloi’s performing arts and educational scholarship. The youths of CHIVA ni Doakan performed during the 44th General Assembly of the Association of Foundations held last April 25-26, 2016 in Baguio City that LFI attended.

CHIVA ni Doakan Inc. stands for Center for Ibaloi Heritage and Loakan History. It was born out of concern for the Ibaloi youths, particularly in Loakan, Baguio City, known as the remaining Ibaloi community. Faced with the statistics of Ibaloi youths who are school drop-outs, vagrants, and taking vices such as drinking and smoking, CHIVA aspires for these youths to attain a brighter future. CHIVA believes that by being aware of their ancient cultural and historical heritage and taking inspiration from a rich legacy guided by a supportive community, these youths will develop pride in their identity as Ibalois and develop the appropriate values to become responsible members of the community.

CHIVA is known for their youth group who are trained on the Ibaloi indigenous dance and music instruments – which they learned through the School of Living Tradition on Ibaloi Performing Arts through the support of the National Commission for Cultural and the Arts (NCCA).

LFI is looking forward help organizations like CHIVA ni Doakan to improve the lives of indigenous Filipino people thru education, and the strengthening of their ancient cultural values.

052716“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” -Mark Twain

Ramsey, a 10-year-old boy with moderate to severe hearing impairment, continues to inspire others that everything is possible in the midst of impossibilities. Born in a financially challenged family, Ramsey could have forever been living in silence and communicating only through signs had it not been for the intervention of Maria Lena Buhay Memorial Foundation, Inc. (MLBMFI).

Ramsey (the kid wearing yellow t-shirt) is the eldest in the brood of 3. His father is a merchandiser while his mother is the one left at home to take care of them. He started studying in MLBMFI 5 years ago. His grandmother, a sweeper in Blue Ridge-A where the school is located, came to know about the foundation and had him brought for assessment. MLBMFI took him as a full scholar.

From being a non-speaker at age 3, Ramsey is an incoming grade 3 student who has progressed very much in his communication skills. He can now express his feelings verbally. He even got a certificate from MLBMFI for outstanding performance in reading, speech and mathematics.


MLBMFI the first oral school for hearing-impaired children in the country gives hope to all the hearing-impaired children. Instead of teaching sign language, MLBMFI teaches students orally with the goal of mainstreaming them and giving them their voice for them to find their niche in our speaking world. For the past 29 years, MLBMFI has produced successful graduates who are either managing their own business or working either here or abroad in big companies.

MLBMFI has given inspiration to parents who thought that their children could never study in a school where they can learn to talk, to understand and be understood. This is why LFI partnered with MLBMFI and has sponsored students in need of educational assistance.

For more information about Ramsey and Maria Lena Buhay Memorial Foundation, you may access the story featured in Inquirer on May 25, 2015.


To bring the Educational Assistance/Scholarship Program of Lao Foundation (LFI) closer to the communities where D&L Group of Companies operates, LFI convened last 19 May 2016 at the MRI conference room, Punta, Sta Ana, 3 foundation-partners, 4 barangay-partners, and partner-donor --- Malay Resources, Inc. (MRI).

In attendance were representatives from 
*Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc. 
- Armando Capitin, Community Relations Officer
- Nomel Medrano, Registrar Clerk

*Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Inc. 
- Rita Tan, Livelihood Commissioner 
- Carmen Sy, Livelihood Commissioner

*Charity First Foundation, Inc 
- Kristel Trinidad, Social Worker

*Barangay 894, Sta. Ana, Manila 
- Chairman Cesar Sta. Ana

*Barangay 896, Sta. Ana, Manila 
- Chairman Ben Sumang

*Barangay 897, Sta, Ana, Manila 
- Chairman Vic Peñaranda

*Barangay 898, Sta. Ana, Manila 
- Kagawad Mario Jorge

*Malay Resources, Inc. 
- Engr. Fil Avendaño, Plant Manager
- Engr. Joey Roxas, Consulting Engineer

*Lao Foundation 
- Executive Director 
- Cristina Viray, Program Specialist
- Sheena Fidelson, Program Assistant

The “Fair” is a perfect venue for Lao Foundation’s ecosystem of partners, communities, and donors to efficiently communicate and roll out projects that Lao Foundation has with them. Currently, the projects are 1) Electromechanic Technology course (2-year techvoc course) with Dualtech, 2) Livelihood Skills Training for women with Tzu Chi, and 3) college scholarship with Charity First.

The barangay chairmen were provided information (along with flyers) on the requirements, the screening process, and the provisions under each project. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that the barangay chairmen will pre-screen interested constituents and submit the list to LFI’s partner organizations. The 3 foundation-partners will screen the interested individuals and submit the list of those who passed their criteria to LFI for funding.


The Lao Boh Lim Educational Excellence Awards Program gives recognition to the children of the employees of D&L Group who strive to excel in their studies. It aims to encourage employees to take the education of their children seriously and to transmit to them the values, which are nurtured dearly in the company.

Over the last decade, D&L Group of Companies has recognized and awarded a total of 1,979 outstanding and excellent students.

Last May 14, 2016, the 12th Lao Boh Lim Educational Excellence Awarding Ceremony was held at LBL Basement Parking. For this year, a total of 217 employees’ children composed of 93 elementary students, 76 high school students, 42 college students and 6 with special awards were awarded cash rewards and certificates. Out of 217 awardees, 165 or 76% attended the event.

The program begun with The Purple Centers Foundation (PCF) chorale rendition of the Philippine National Anthem followed by singing “With All I am” for the invocation. The PCF Ballet Dancers also performed interpretative dance mid-program.

The emcees, Jayce Umaguing and Marie Monse, also an awardee. opened the program followed by the executive director’s introductory message and committee report.

Ainslee Lao, grand daughter of Lao Boh Lim congratulated all the awardees during her LBLEEA address. She mentioned that the event is in memory of her grand father whose death anniversary fell on the same day. She emphasized the value of education and commended the awardees for their good grades.

Part of the event was the gratitude and appreciation testimonial video of Comedia family. It featured the four children of Sonny Comedia who were awardees of LBLEEA for this year and previous years. They shared their motivations in excelling in their studies. Sonny, a process operator under Chemrez Technology Inc. and his wife, likewise expressed their thankfulness to God and to the Lao Family.

For the closing remarks, Ramon Taniola (HRD Director) motivated the students to value education more than material things.

For extending their hands and support in making this event possible, LFI would like to thank the following:

Lao Family

LBL EEA Committee
Ms. Sonia Salvador
Ms. Haeng Tan
Mr. Gerry Guanlao
Mr. Nacing Samonte

Mr. Denis Gandoza & Staff
Marlou Beroña
Pete Note
Tirso Ramirez
Domeng Ruiz
Torres Dela cruz
Edward Mendoza

Mr. Tony Otico & Staff
Cris Lapeña
Jayboy Chiquito
Noel Buscar
Jerome Panibio
Lodivino Somido
Ermin Adalid
Ally Boy Berdugo
Arnold Parco

Mr. Johnel Arriola & Staff
Neil Morales
Manuel Claros
Nathan Gonzales
John Joren Bonagua

Harlan Fajarillo
Henry Taruc
Samuel Morilla
Mico Bertiz
Arnel Ofrecia
Salvador Correa

Mr. Ramon Taniola & HR Staff
Dalisay Manlapaz
Manuel Mendez
Joan Rocamora
Michelle Caumeran
Eugene Robidillo
Angie Borja

Ms. Haeng Tan & Accounting Staff
Vanessa Cuatico

Philip Juntilo
Albert Crieta 
Jonas Pabatang 
Joel Alba 
John Gumapo

IE Staff
Angielyn Fidelson

Jayce Umaguing
Monse Alfaro

Citadel Cruz
Emelita Abenir
Lilibeth Garcia
Baby Victoriano
Lyn Valen
Agnes De Luna
Sonny Versoza
Marilyn Dela Cruz
Gladys Valiente
Girlie Ruiz
Maria Theresa Delfin
Roberto Marilla
PCF Chorale & Ballet Dancers

Mr. James Tan and OFI Staff

Francheska Caumeran
Comedia Family
Sonny Comedia
Minda Comedia
Blessy Comedia
Christian Comedia
Cyrrel Comedia
Matt Bronson Comedia

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