To reach out to more institution in its commitment to contribute in the well-being of the communities, LFI visited Don Bosco Youth Center – Tondo Inc. and Asian Social Institute last July 11, 2016 to explore further the project proposals that they submitted.

Don Bosco TVET Center – Tondo is a non-stock, non-government, non-profit, religious and educational institution. It was established in 1971 and managed by the Salesian Priests of Don Bosco who are assigned in Tondo, Manila. The Center aims to give the abandoned and out-of-school youth from different poor areas of Tondo, Manila and other nearby cities and provinces the opportunity to be trained and certified in accredited technical and vocational skills for them to be gainfully employed and get out of poverty.

Having known LFI through D&L’s HR Director, Don Bosco submitted a proposal for the sponsorship of 20 students who could not even come up with their minimal monthly tuition fee counterpart due to their impoverish situation. According to the project coordinator who is a graduate of the school, some of the students in their determination to finish their education even resort to selling themselves just to be able to come up with their monthly fees. It is for these students that Don Bosco looks for sponsors for them to be able to provide full scholarship and ensure that these students finish their education, be employed, and regain their dignity.

Asian Social Institute (ASI) is a graduate school whose main objective is to form social development managers and leaders from various institutions that will support people’s movements and have access to information technology and resources for community wellbeing especially of the marginalized persons, families, and communities in society. Its Social Development Department is the animating arm of the school where transformative ideas and innovative approaches are tried out in actual practice and community extension services are carried out in partnership with self-empowered people’s organizations, parishes, local government units, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

ASI’s proposal is for the scholarship of the 8 children of fisher folks in their partner communities who are undergoing intensive study in Fisheries at the University of Rizal System in Cardona, Rizal. The aim is to have young fisher folks gain comprehensive scientific and practical knowledge and skills that will help secure food and protect the Laguna de Bay environment.

LFI believes in partnering with foundations that are into transforming young people who are financially and socially challenged in extreme through education and values formation.