To bring the Educational Assistance/Scholarship Program of Lao Foundation (LFI) closer to the communities where D&L Group of Companies operates, LFI convened last 19 May 2016 at the MRI conference room, Punta, Sta Ana, 3 foundation-partners, 4 barangay-partners, and partner-donor --- Malay Resources, Inc. (MRI).

In attendance were representatives from 
*Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc. 
- Armando Capitin, Community Relations Officer
- Nomel Medrano, Registrar Clerk

*Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Inc. 
- Rita Tan, Livelihood Commissioner 
- Carmen Sy, Livelihood Commissioner

*Charity First Foundation, Inc 
- Kristel Trinidad, Social Worker

*Barangay 894, Sta. Ana, Manila 
- Chairman Cesar Sta. Ana

*Barangay 896, Sta. Ana, Manila 
- Chairman Ben Sumang

*Barangay 897, Sta, Ana, Manila 
- Chairman Vic Peñaranda

*Barangay 898, Sta. Ana, Manila 
- Kagawad Mario Jorge

*Malay Resources, Inc. 
- Engr. Fil Avendaño, Plant Manager
- Engr. Joey Roxas, Consulting Engineer

*Lao Foundation 
- Executive Director 
- Cristina Viray, Program Specialist
- Sheena Fidelson, Program Assistant

The “Fair” is a perfect venue for Lao Foundation’s ecosystem of partners, communities, and donors to efficiently communicate and roll out projects that Lao Foundation has with them. Currently, the projects are 1) Electromechanic Technology course (2-year techvoc course) with Dualtech, 2) Livelihood Skills Training for women with Tzu Chi, and 3) college scholarship with Charity First.

The barangay chairmen were provided information (along with flyers) on the requirements, the screening process, and the provisions under each project. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that the barangay chairmen will pre-screen interested constituents and submit the list to LFI’s partner organizations. The 3 foundation-partners will screen the interested individuals and submit the list of those who passed their criteria to LFI for funding.