052615Lao Foundation (LFI) entered into Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) with Binhi Foundation (BINHI), 4 sponsored schools, and 2 barangays for the implementation of the 24-week English Literacy Project for SY 2015-2016.

The 4 sponsored schools are Bagumbayan Elementary School (BES) represented by Principal Felix Malunes, Jr., Libis Elementary School (LES) represented by Principal Chelma Cabatic, San Ramon Elementary School (SRES) represented by Principal Inocencia Opeña, Thomas Earnshaw Elementary School (TEES) represented by Dr. Sarah Viado,

While the 2 daycare centers are Barangays 894 and 898 in Sta. Ana Manila represented by Chairman Cesar Sta. Ana and Chairman Jimmy Anselmo, respectively.

For BINHI, Ms. Lisa Bayot signed the MOAs.

The BINHI English Literacy project provides learning support to students who are non-reader or slow-readers, through English literacy classes using proven methodologies. This DepEd accredited curriculum includes:

1. Pre-reading Kit 0 for 4-5 years old, intended for pre-schoolers.

2. Beginning Reading Literacy Program or Kit 1 aimed to teach basic reading skills in grade 2.

3. Independent Reading Literacy Program or Kit 2 geared towards enhancing the reading comprehension in grade 3.

This school year, LFI will be sponsoring Kit 0 for the 2 barangay daycare centers in Sta. Ana, Manila, in addition to the 4 adopted schools.

Immediately right after the MOA signing, the Teachers’ Training started focusing on how to use the Kit materials, and on the proper ways to conduct the classes.

Simultaneously, the principals and the barangay chairmen met separately for the guidelines of the program. BINHI emphasized the following points:

· Prioritization of students under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development Office (DSWD).

· Teachers who will not be able to hold their classes due to seminars, school activities, and other valid reasons should give 2 days prior notice to the principal to ensure that there will be a reliever teacher who will handle the class in the absence of the teacher.

· Students with learning disability should not be included in the program.

· The 10hrs sweat equity of the parents should be maximized by the school. Parents can assist the teachers in managing the students especially in Kit 1 or in escorting the students from their regular classes to BINHI classes.

The principals also shared their best practices in the implementation of the project.

After this MOA signing and teachers’ training event, the next step will be the pre-testing to qualify the “scholars” of the projects. This is calendared on the 3rd week of June 2015. LFI will be calling for volunteers who can assist during the one-on-one pre-testing.